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13 Responses to “LA Ink s05e10 part3”

  1. PikaVippi

    Corey and Liz are both using each other. I agree everybody who says there’s way too much drama nowadays in this show. And I’m kind of started? to like that other shop (tattoo company) much better, they go in, do they job, and that’s it, no drama. And Kat says way too often “Dude, like..” or ” I don’t know, like..” It get’s on my nerves..

  2. Anita Bonghit

    this show turned? into complete drama and s**t at all

  3. imnotokayykid

    you guys really need to realise what? its like to work in a shop like that with the amount of people that go for tattoos its not that simple just to have time of because each person has special techniques for tattoos

  4. MissAmyAnne1998

    Pause on 1:31
    He looks? like an ape ;D

  5. harhainen

    man corey is the only one? who gets respect from my side… he is really a fucking only ADULT in this show!

  6. CCowie123

    I love how Corey used Liz’s arrogance to his? advantage :)

  7. Beachbunny12

    American Electric sucks.?

  8. Ben Throssell

    thats? how they pronounce craig in america :)

  9. kultangel2

    Kats photoshoot and work with whoever those emo battered chicks are= BORING BORING BORING. anything at american? electric = FUN FUN FUN

  10. girl123interrupted

    its the Bronx/Jersey accent. Everything’s shortened kind of like the word car is too hard to say with a harsh “are” sound at the end so back east they all say “caw” the r’s don’t exist along with a lot? of vowels.

  11. 909sophielou

    I wish they would stop calling him Creg ,his name is? Craig

  12. TehStupidBish

    The show is? STAGED, And kat is the one talking about leaving LA ink because of that.

  13. operaknitter

    Why? doesn´t Kat just give Corey a leave of absence. Let him work out his private promblems and come back fresh and fire Liz. All would be well, but then it wouldn´t make good for T.V., right?

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