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25 Responses to “La Ink s05e03 part1”

  1. someonenumber88

    BONK Crew Graffiti , Dan has? a New Zealand accent.

  2. rh473031

    I’m pretty sure he’s? from England. I think he said that in one of the episodes.

  3. BONK Crew Graffiti

    is dan aussie? i swear his? accent is so hard to figure out.

  4. Harriet Sutton

    i? love kat, she so inspiring and talented and beautiful, but i loved her more back in the miami ink day, she seemed happier and innocent and very cool/comfortable with everyone, i suppose that changes when you are offered a tv show

  5. nomychocolatewaffles

    .-.? to much drama to even like this season…

  6. FreyjasFighter

    “He…. Died from pain I? guess…”
    Well, NO SHIT XD

  7. Kyle Scott

    “Don’t tell them to? fuck off, cause I like doing that.”
    Classic! LOL

  8. zasoula1

    yes, actually she’s a model, a writer? and an actor…

  9. TheEvilDuck93

    CRAIG? not ‘CREG’ it’s annoying me now :’)

  10. PlatypusGuitar

    reality shows are scripted you lunatics! its 90% fake?

  11. XXxsineadosxXX

    its La ink. kats shop is high voltage and the? other is american electric

  12. girl123interrupted

    Craig Craig Craiggggg!?

  13. thevirtualnightmare

    god? this girl is a fucking idiot she needs to stfu with her resume alredy! let ur work do the fucking talking

  14. NikkiBabycakes

    Isn’t this LA INK not American Electric……….? Seriously. I’m sick of? seeing Aubrey.

  15. ukgirlonce

    it’s scripted…liz is an actress…playing the part…she is most likely a good actress as? she could NOT be more annoying!!!!

  16. ChronicBee

    woooot suomi? shirt !!! FINLAND 4 EVAAA !

  17. Alex Maravilla

    girl that got? the leaves tattoo is super hot

  18. merrey93

    Why do? they show American Electric?

  19. NightxAngell

    Yeah. Little more tattooing. Little less acting like playground bullies and treating co-workers like shit.

    Kat’s intentions are good, but it’s very obvious that everyone else is just NOT interested in adding a new member to the “family” no? matter who they are.

  20. naturedood257

    craigs? hilarious

  21. TheBoarta

    That’s what? makes it exciting.

  22. katana15115

    what happend with the la ink, back then was just tattoo s , now is just a? lot of fuking shits and al loooooot of talk…

  23. oak1236

    Was this Liz chick an actor or something? I mean, who the fuck thinks they’re soooo amazing when they? start a job? Ya know?

  24. MsNadine16

    thank you!!?

  25. XhezthecrazymetalerX

    Thank you soo much for uploading these! love? it =]]

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