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comment/rate/subscribe My sister & I both love Kat Von D and her show but we just thought we would make a funny video. So if you have ever seen the show, you will understand the video. Please comment, we would like to hear your feedback & yea. Don’t leave any rude or disrepectful comments because we will call the cyber police :) & we do not take credit for LA Ink logo, that’s obviously LA Ink’s logo. Thanks & hope you enjoy :) Ingredients hairspray lots of eyliner red lipstick willing to look likie nom! nom!

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14 Responses to “LA Ink Parody”

  1. bethewritter

    I love you. I love you. :(? I LOVE YOU.

  2. lifelessonswithmaha

    Holy CRAP? you sound exactly like her!!! good job

  3. deanmeehan

    That was totally Rad!!!! check out? my tattoo spoofs!!

  4. MissHeadstrong93

    That’s a GREAT? Kat Von D impression!

  5. stupidfriendsDUH


  6. Jess Gee

    Wow I hate you twin.?

  7. alnflx

    THIS VIDEO IS TOOOO DOWN!! good? job twin 😀

  8. demiselanafan

    Hahaha! Well done girls!!! very? funny!

  9. Rafael Luna

    Hahahahahaha? Lmfao you girl are so stupid lol …….Go take a shower Jessica lol

  10. Deppcrazy01

    haha u guys are awesome!!!! “yeah,? it just happens to me sometimes….” lmfao XD

  11. bloomgurl91

    shut your mouth, freak. you’re just mad bcuz you’re? not in it

  12. ThaKidJig

    0:49? hahaha!

  13. MsKatherine2

    the girl in the white is not a good actor but this is very? funny!!!!!!!!!

  14. ernestoreyes75

    FUNNY. I thought the can opener? made a real good tattoo gun.

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