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Ronnie Radke (ehemaliger Escape the Fate Sänger, jetzt Falling in Reverse) lässt sich bei High Voltage Tattoo von Corey Miller ein Tattoo stechen!

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25 Responses to “Ronnie Radke bei LA Ink”

  1. jakr4eva

    What season and episode is this?

  2. welcometoparadise

    poor? him 😀

  3. Carlos Albarran

    he`s high, smoke drugs? everyday

  4. kuschelmaus619

    lol ich? liebe ronny xD

  5. MsLawl17

    ja, war er,? doch er hat sich geändert (:

  6. puDDietWOshOes

    @Ivy? Rodriguez lmfao me too xD

  7. The2game009

    Und? ich dache DMAX sei ein Männersender .

  8. LovableCammy

    der is da voll? high ._.


    Hahahahah Ein Pferd hat Müll gefressen und ist? am Herzinfarkt gestorben! HAhahahah!

  10. XxXRaisedByWolvesXxX

    OMG hes so adorable i could cry he looks so out of of it :'( i just wanna give him a hugg and be like its okay i love you :) im glad hes okay? now

  11. Candy1DJ

    So one wont? share their weed lol butternuts

  12. puggleinheaven

    Ronnie looks? high XD

  13. 19NineLives95

    i think he is high as fuck :)?

  14. NIGHTMAREa7xfoREVer

    Wow look? how skinny before prison

  15. GeorgieTheNerd

    Thank? God I can understand German, the voice over thing was freaking annoying D; I just wanted to hear Ronnie!

  16. MichaelaMay808


  17. zesty555666

    so skinny? too

  18. Ivy Rodriguez

    all i heard during the whole 5 min. video was the word? BUTTERNUTS

  19. AsOurDaysFade

    What? year was this?

  20. graalonlinelover12

    lol thats a funny tatto?

  21. avenged7x4life1

    hey? pablo, go jump back over the border, I CANT FUCKING HEAR RONNIE!

  22. Thelordbobert


    It’s really awesome of you pay close attention and try to? understand it xD

  23. yasmin25009

    i? understand

  24. Kitty147282


  25. MsPleague

    funny. if there’s one of millions of videos on youtube which is not in english everyone gets upset because they don’t understand it – of course not without insulting the? different language or the people who speak it. yes, german is a very difficult language but this video is for germans who don’t/hardly understand english so please guys let’s act like adults and avoid comments like’ I WANNA? SEE THE DAMN EPISODE IN ENGLISH YOU DAMN? FOREIGN FUCKS!!’while accusing us germans to be Nazis.thanks 😉

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