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TLC LA Ink series Theme “Yea 2.0″ MMG composed, produced music and sfx. monomentalmusicgroup.tv

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13 Responses to “[TLC/LA Ink] Kat Von D Opening Theme”

  1. KarleaKALAMITII

    there are 26 episodes in season 1, 13 in season 2, 24 in season 3, and 21 in season 4, the first season is dancing with myself, and the rest are yeah? 2.0

  2. WRCfan88

    hahaha sorry? but my english arent that good 😛 i ll send u a mail.. chaeck it out in 3 mins man.. i appreciate your help

  3. monomentalmusic

    lol@ INconfusion, nice one.

    S.1 – 25 ep. ; S. 2 – 12 ep. ; S. 3 – 24 ep. ; S. 4 – 21 ep.

    All 25 episodes of first season used? “Dancing..” cover. Every episode after that used “Yea 2.0″.

  4. WRCfan88

    firstly, thanks for the INconfusion. now some more questions plz, cause i m going mad!!! can u plz inform me about the numbers of the episodes in every single season plz? first one (in? what u say) includes 13 episodes, right? what about 2nd, 3rd and 4th.. if u know the answers, i ‘d appreciate it,man i m so confused! if wiki is mistaken, then where did they come up with the episode titles of 2nd season? look it up plz,to understand what i say,better.thanks a million

  5. monomentalmusic

    No. Wikipedia is mistaken (it never offered you a guarantee of 100% accuracy). Wikipedia is compiled through entries written by folks like you. They are sometimes confused. Let me clarify. LA Ink ran for 4 seasons, cancelled in 2011. Not 1 season. Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” was used for the first season. (Then he wanted a lot more money). Monomental Music Group’s “Yea 2.0″ was used for the? remaining 3 seasons.

  6. WRCfan88

    yeah, but if u look it up? on wikipedia, it says season 1 concludes 26 episodes!!! first 13 with dancig with myself, and the other 13 with yeah 2.. so basically what u called, season 2 in wikipedia, is the second half of season 1.. what is going on?? :( i m so confised.. can someone explain me plz???

  7. monomentalmusic

    Nouvelle Vague’s cover of Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” was the opener for Season 1. This opener, “Yea 2.0″, was used in Season? 2, 3 and 4.

  8. WRCfan88

    this opening is form season 1, right? acctually, the? second half of the season.. at the first half they were palying “dancing with myself” from Nouvelle Vagoue.. can someone plz confirm what m saying? cause i am a lil bit confused…

  9. Formerchief95

    I love her work, i wanna get a tattoo from? her. And she looks so hot

  10. monomentalmusic

    The opening theme? for TLC’s LA Ink

  11. Amber Gallagher

    what song is this?

  12. monomentalmusic

    lol! a lot of folks might disagree with you… check her tatt work, her art is seriously genius. that’s the “point” of the show… not just if she’s a hottie or? not lol

  13. 255chainsaw

    This would be better? without her

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