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Kat Von D on Jimmey Kimmel Live

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16 Responses to “Kat Von D on Jimmey Kimmel Live”

  1. 808sebastiNm

    Hey Kat you’re right tattos does? hurt

  2. 808sebastiNm


  3. Sixstrings81


  4. AckermannHayes1019

    She’s gorgeous. My dad says she’s a freak because of all of her ink but? I couldn’t imagine her without it. I’m 18 and cannot WAIT to get my ink. Just got to get the money for it…

  5. Johan Magnusson

    handshake? so the vid is reversed? couse it looks like his left? hand, and as far as i know you shake with your right hand.

  6. Jerkwilkesbooth

    Packer Dave is my Dad. Hahahaha! He told me that Kat loves anal? sex.

  7. kirohm93

    I? really like her voice

  8. agent254422

    it was an accident you idiots he was going for an handshake he wasnt prepared? for a hug and a kiss


    he went to shake her hand ya? bunch of pervs

  10. MarenElisa

    Totally! Haha, I can’t believe he did that, she must’ve felt so awkward? after!

  11. MrTbctbc

    I str8 up saw that! and yes? i beleive it was intended most guys are freakin’ perv’s towards her.

  12. MarenElisa

    Did he touch her pussy at 0:26 when she walked in and he kissed her?? Did anyone else see that?? lol

  13. jrockdaman2

    I hit?

  14. 2478877

    It’s LIKE….omg!!?

  15. CandiedNeonDinosaur

    I love Kat!? Shes so pretty and so talented. :)

  16. PanayotiProductions

    Look at those? legs crossed hot little kunt she must have mwahahahah! 😛

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