Frank Iero on LA ink – Part 2/2 Posted by admin on January 2nd, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Frank getting a tattoo

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25 Responses to “Frank Iero on LA ink – Part 2/2”

  1. veryTWfanxx

    i? love kat but those bitches she works with!! i hate pixie!!!

  2. Realtin Obrien

    Awh my god LA Inks my favorite show i almost died when i found frankie on it!!? o:

  3. Rocio Diaz

    frankieeeeeeeeeeeeeee? <3

  4. Xxandipandi2000xX

    Aww I luv him?

  5. Matawanhuskiez

    he so cute and? short

  6. B0bP0tat0

    Talking about his grandfather made me tear up? a little bit. It was so clear how much he meant to him! :’)

  7. TheSilentKiller1313

    Anybody else have a fangirl? attack when teenagers came on?

  8. WeirdButInAGoodWay25

    He’s so frickin adorable! :3?

  9. MeaChemicalRomanorum


  10. Gemma Coulling


  11. SebastiansGurl1997

    He’s such a sweet heart! And this has to be my favorite hairstyle of his.?

  12. Daisy Westbury

    aww ^^ hes so cute and? short and just.. aww

  13. sunshinefirecracker

    Admittedly, I have limited knowledge on My Chemical Romance.. or Frank here, but jesus.. I just had to comment to say, he’s freaking adorable. And what a nice guy!?

  14. Regiane Sousa

    De novo: Deve doer ser tão? adorável :~

  15. Regiane Sousa

    Awn, Frank! Never,? never you’ll grow up *-* So, so, so cute!

  16. Ella Watters

    He’s so tiny? compared to everyone else 😀 it’s so cute

  17. NikkieI6

    why did they play sexual music when Kat’s dad arrived? xD

  18. lovelylittlesong

    i watched? this to listen to him speak

  19. verlydepp20

    maybe bite sized. 😀 HAHAHA!! just kiddin.? :)

  20. greenrobot5

    Kat is a great artist, however, she spelled the word “Familia” which is spanish, the italian word is spelled “Famiglia”, that’s why I would never tattoo words of other languages on my? body to prevent mistakes

  21. BVBArmyMember06


  22. lawyerxsinxdarkky

    LOL Frank is awesome!~? Love how crazy he is on stage :3

  23. shesarebel3000

    Gotta love Frankie he iz bite sized no wait fun sized or hyper? sized

  24. killjoyqueenie

    I need? mo’ cowbell o3o

  25. imsochill98

    So adorable how he? had to have someone come with him

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