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Dave gets tattooed by Kat Von D

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25 Responses to “Spread TV: Kat Von D”

  1. msbeakybird13

    Ha Nikki looks a? bit Jealous…


    Kat did? an amazing job!

  3. Oohlaful

    which we cud hear what? they were saying

  4. yayah102

    ummm,if? you notice, Nikki Sixx is in the background, who is Kats boyfriend

  5. navarrosgirl

    They should of gotten? together ..wud make a really cool couple..I love you dave!

  6. 1337tonyb

    beautiful? tattoo

  7. sebastal

    thank you very much?

  8. chaos120

    “get born? again”

  9. sebastal

    mate what song is? it?

  10. phast1

    That was pretty cool Dave, thank you for sharing it.?

  11. chaos120

    it’s Alice In? Chains….not Mad Season

  12. Calderon008

    Amazing tat.? Kat is sooooooo talented!

  13. 0xjulie0x

    loved it!?

  14. AmericansAgainstBush

    Amen! Luv ya,? D.N.

  15. ilovepiink4eva

    That’s great! :)

    Had no idea his? mother was murdered!

  16. industrialgirl

    Kat did an amazing job. The tattoo is beautiful. What a great memorial for a beautiful woman. I don’t think there is a higher honor then getting? a portrait of someone you love on you. My mom got one of me!

  17. xookatx3

    gahh! My three favourite people. Kat, Nikki, and Dave <3. needless? to say I loved it

  18. MFabby

    Very cool…beautiful work!?

  19. nolabels94

    GREAT homage’ to mum. As a mother i would think it was? cool if my kid did that for me. :) ill tweet this to ya too

  20. mommatwobe

    Kat is sooooo talented!!!!!?

  21. Tree Lanka

    that was heartwarming?

  22. TallulahClark

    P.S. – yes, Dave is hot & his momma was gorgeous.?

  23. TallulahClark

    they? let you smoke in the studio!?

  24. Katt Winter

    Dave = Hot?

  25. ayev8tor


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