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The London Ink team don’t hold back when a customer comes in with his ex-girlfriend, glamour model Alicia Douvall’s name tattooed across his arm. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink, just head to: www.youtube.com Subscribe to ink | www.youtube.com

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22 Responses to “A Bad Mistake – London Ink”

  1. khondinarena

    Good job?

  2. suriibwoy95

    i got my mom name tatted on my? arm and i am not gonna regret it

  3. TheTenaciousTacos


  4. indieHindleyMusic

    yeah your? own children i can understand but a girlfriend jesus christ…

  5. TheTenaciousTacos

    I agree,? but I think daughter is oke though…

  6. cookieboy965

    What a dingalong?

  7. TheIzzySquishy

    unless you actually get something solid black it’s pretty impossible to? really cover anything up, think before you ink!

  8. ziefik

    Why not just laser it? off… that simple tattoo would come off easily.

  9. indieHindleyMusic

    true? my bad for not stating that aswell.

  10. xxJunaixx

    that goes for a man’s name,? too.

  11. Bobby Morrison

    What a ding? a ling hahaha

  12. lynnrobi

    You can definitely still see the? name through the roses… 3:20

  13. AmethystEyes

    It’s kind? of funny how he got a tattoo from the Qur’an, Islam forbids tattooing. Judaism forbids tattooing too.

  14. bennydman666

    I think roses on men are a bit gay and you can still clearly? see the name LOL

  15. LeiaAlexis

    “What a ding-a-ling”… lol ! I think? im going to steal that saying for myself ^^

  16. ahmadillomon

    lol bet he feels like a? total dumbass lolol

  17. ZosiaSamosiaOo

    that’s a huge cover up? tattoo

  18. thomas261989

    It takes about 3-6 treatments to laser off a tat so this? is cheaper and a lot less time-consuming.

  19. JustaEropeanGuy

    You can still see it through? the rose. LOL

  20. c00t999

    laser that shit off brah…fuck?

  21. Jaiden Abernethy

    I’d get a line through it then freehand write? “shit happens” ..

  22. indieHindleyMusic

    thats tattooeing 101…do not get ANY womans name tatted? on you…who cares who she is or how much you “love” her..its just a fuckin dumb idea.

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