Frank Iero on LA ink – Part 1/2 Posted by admin on December 31st, 2012 | Comments (24) |

Frank getting a tattoo

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24 Responses to “Frank Iero on LA ink – Part 1/2”

  1. laughlovelaila77

    frank? baby

  2. Kat Sandy shortz

    I love kat Von D and Frankie! Oh? my god this video is perfect

  3. Neon37Millie

    Almost? orgasmed.

  4. superscenekitty

    guys ever think that she could have known he was in MCR and just ask the question for small talk or so she didn’t make frank worry that it was gonna be one of those talk about the entire life situations? I’m in the cosmetology? industry and I know how hard it is making convo with clients. You pretty much need to get them talking about anything even if you already know for example if your client is reading a book you’ve already read still ask them what the books about keeps the conversation going.

  5. Matawanhuskiez

    what episode is? this

  6. Amber Pens

    I like how pixie just? ditches him at the end

  7. ajpcakn912

    I love it when? he talks about My Chem he’s just so sweet!

  8. Taller Midget

    He is just so? cool.
    When they played Teenagers I squeaked 😀

  9. SebastiansGurl1997

    Lady: oh, you’re in a band? What? band?
    Me: *facepalm*

  10. Cassidy Westbrook

    Aww Frankie baby?

  11. Singe6598

    He’s so? sweet xD

  12. jjrexma

    well i wasn’t surprised, she is an? IDIOT!!!

  13. sentimentalg1rl

    He’s so sweet and? understanding aw.

  14. MsBlackTie

    he’s so? awkward lmao

  15. Niamh Gibbs

    I bet the old Italian lady was a nickname for? Gerard o_o

  16. nikitasrissy01

    Awwwww<3 he kept putting? his hands in his sleeves like a little kid :') he is so adorable

  17. lawyerxsinxdarkky

    His? grandpa looks just like him! ahaha

  18. Neve Robinson

    No, no it’s? not. I assure you it’s Iero.

  19. killjoyqueenie

    Oh first you pronounce his name wrong and then she thought he? was a jerk?!?!

  20. Claudia Chavarria

    He’s so short :’D ?

  21. Kacey Molina

    Thats actually how its pronounced i? think

  22. daleksunshine

    casually? having one of the greatest people in the world put soda’s away…


    typical modern day idjits.I called I texted.but never once thought to go find you, in case you had a wreck,? broke down or something..lmmfao.they put in all the effort they had in their hearts to find her….enough said

  24. xoPOREOTICSxoFANxo

    Babbbbby? frannnnnnkie-333333

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