Deathsquad Secret Show #3 (Deadmau5, Tom Green, Kat Von D, Steve O) Posted by admin on December 31st, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Tom Green, SteveO, Deadmau5, Kat Von D, Brody Stevens, Dana Dearmond, Jayson Thibault, Brian Redban — Date: 12/17/2012

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25 Responses to “Deathsquad Secret Show #3 (Deadmau5, Tom Green, Kat Von D, Steve O)”

  1. thekavestation

    no ?

  2. DRKSTR86

    Awww poor girl can’t? hang w/ the guys.

  3. fataslin

    so where is deadmau5??

  4. BakerOrDie123

    I’m? surprised they haven’t been.

  5. theDC4L

    The hastag? was on your comment before, you know you commented 3 times in a row you dumb fuck.. do you think i can’t read.. Anyone who puts weed as their profile picture is not the most logically great person to argue with. Because you are clearly a fucking idiot.

  6. babyfister5000

    Redband is? so fucking awkward, why would you ask someone if they thought of there mom when they masturbated?

  7. babyfister5000

    I need Joe? Rogan

  8. 106MMTurbo

    Steve-o’s tattoo story was? hilarious!

  9. Adam Garon

    still bigger than yours bitch? boy

  10. drstrangeclock

    maybe, but every once in a while he comes up with some gold. He is like the average guy of the? group.

  11. lunacanton134

    steve o and tom green? should get on the jre asap

  12. viixixxiii

    slow clap, stands, only person clapping, sits back down, stares at phone for? the next hour and half.

  13. Jefferson Weed

    wow you are such a remarkable person. i can’t believe i don’t understand steven brody stevens stupid depression and fake? positive energy pushes. i didnt put a hash tag anything retard.

  14. barbaveco

    I would love to see Joey D. inside this group when they starting talking about jerking? off on skype I bet he would lost it and start smashing the studio in endless sex rage XD

  15. 00ABBITT00

    Joey D banged Redban in the Little Esther while Rogan jerked off? his Olive Garden. Fool.

  16. theDC4L

    shocking another guy who? doesn’t get it.. nice hash tags douche.

  17. moderndrunkard

    Lazy bitch. knocking a ? guy that survived addiction, Oh wait, hes an inspiration for me.
    Sorry. GET FUNNY

  18. annoythefish

    Internet tough guy eh?

    Must be that tiny penis you? got.

  19. annoythefish

    What the fuck, I never said I hated him I said he was? a great dude.

  20. guzzaroolz

    Secret shows with? thousands of views… shhhh!

  21. dtanktdtank

    dana dearmond trying to hard to be funny and cool, normally? she’s hilarious on xxx squad

  22. dtanktdtank

    redban army are full? of fags

  23. dtanktdtank

    i? hate redban too, but he still has some funny things he says so stfu

  24. ceebee27sts

    “I’m trying to quit jacking off on Skype. No, Skype is the name? of my cat” Then a blank stare to the crowd with that look like, what are you laughing at? Tom Green is funny

  25. Adam Garon

    rather a jackass than a bitch, you bitch REDBAN ARMY bitches?

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