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Many people love their pets, but this biker chick may be taking her affections a little too far. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink, just head to: www.youtube.com Subscribe to ink | www.youtube.com

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17 Responses to “Puppy Love – Miami Ink”

  1. louiselovesmagic

    1.25? – dat smile

  2. yerafanny

    Lovely wee tattoo!!

  3. fausto memoterus

    Alguien que recordara el? perrito por toda su vida!!

  4. marlon freitas

    que tak um episodeo? com um brasileiro a primeita tatoo com os melhores do mundo

  5. jutamas rattanasoon

    ahhhh….i love her tattoo ??

  6. EmHoTennearDear

    1:25 Look? at how fucking happy that dog is!

  7. firebaby7

    at first i thought she said the dog? was named “willie jean”, like a play on michael jackson’s billie jean…. then i’m like, why is garver tattooing the letter G there? lmao

  8. kizaman

    I’d still? fuck her despite her questionable views.

  9. VeroO Docus


  10. LeiaAlexis

    Cute, but alittle silly… what about when “Willy” dies ? Im sure she will buy another dog.. and then what ? Put? that dog on the other side of her back ? And what if she gets one after that ? …seems very weird to me..

  11. RatkoUSA

    Dog has owner? trained.

  12. AsekOneM2C

    this makes me feel better about my life :)?

  13. xHxExAxRxTxZx

    sad bitch?

  14. MansonParadise

    thiis is wrong in so many levels, dog shouldnt be replacements for? kids, but whatever makes her sleep at night

  15. AirlayLeekoh

    this lady has? some issues

  16. mitsoOosSs

    she? could have picked a better picture, right?

  17. LittleMissKristie22


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