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LA Ink tattoo artist and vocalist for The Dear & Departed lets you know that fur is “backward” and how important animal adoption is. Read more:

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25 Responses to “Tattoo Artist Dan Smith”

  1. darthmien

    except you can’t claim to be an animal rights activist and wear leather. leather is the same as fur….. killing animals for fashion. his wife wears so much leather. she’s the girl he’s pretending to tattoo in this video… I follow her on instagram skullysmith and she wears leather. Marc Jacobs and all that. just look her up . im? a fan of hers but I just hate hypocrisy…………………

  2. lizet123098

    His smile makes me melt? o.e And his epic accent:D ugh, he’s hot (i will never google his age)

  3. grindancer

    His haircut is sick.?

  4. 99isidora

    only me… i just adoore? him..not much :DD :)

  5. 99isidora

    lucky!!! i? wish i could meet him :)

  6. Gh0stinthesnow

    Does anyone else? find him surprisingly attractive??

  7. StuckInADreamCloud

    Wow, hes hot, nice and cares about animals what a rare combination in a guy, what girl would? ask for more?

  8. ylucktv

    True hero?

  9. reisem01

    Dan is sooooo right!!! Who in their right MIND would try to hurt an animal?!? And the circus too, i? hate them because they get an animal, ship it around the country, locked up, and do thousands of shows every year. Afterward, they’re just chained up in a cage! And they think this is right?!? Its terrible wat they do to these animals!

  10. Nenada Yotsu

    I will call? my son Dan

  11. stephaniiesweetiie

    could he get anymore? perfect <3

  12. Zant5976

    Think he kills? smiles in his spare time?

  13. AshhTastic

    he is a great guy,i met him at a resturant i was working at he took time to write a note to my then 15 yr old daughter,who adores him today he made her 16th bday special he did her first tattoo,he took time out of his busy schedule 2 days in a row to make? it happen for her.u dont ever find many nice people who would do that .all i can say he is awesome

  14. dee6694

    He does seem like a genuine nice guy and he is obviously? an extremely talented artist.

  15. MarianMinty

    the woman? he’s ‘tattooing’ is Skully Smith… his wife. <3 she doesn't have any tattoos on her back but i support the Ink not Mink 100% ! and adore both of them

  16. louis27blonde

    he´s amazing.?

  17. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    it’s soooooo? sexy just like him

  18. MissKarina5


  19. yayah102

    @belfastcityphil 99%? kiwi accent.. his accent is a cross between New Zealand and American

  20. KC12344325

    What’s mink? Animal skin? Well, I’ll sure have to? get tats from him when I’m older XD

  21. Zoe Smailes

    Dan’s a legend <3?

  22. dmisic43

    Dude is rad. Is done for the animals, and? does great tattoos. Whats not to love?!

  23. noellezsassy


  24. noellezsassy

    “Where? there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”
    St. Francis of Assisi

  25. noellezsassy

    AWESOME MESSAGE…… the messenger is wonderful for using his celebrity status of somewhat to spread that word. For that I thank him..

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