Bam Margera on LA INK (Kat von D) Posted by admin on December 28th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Bam Margera on LA INK (Kat von D)

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25 Responses to “Bam Margera on LA INK (Kat von D)”

  1. Carissa Jean

    Season 1 episode 19. And if you don’t think that one tattoo would be cool, than tell you mom to cut the umbilical cord because obviously your straight edged parents have had you locked in a closet since you were 12. And? if you don’t know who Kat VonD or Bam Margera is than fuck you.

  2. Corvette9633

    where can u get? that skeliton guitar deck cant find sold out in every online store


    @copsondonuts you’re so simple minded you talk about people that have tattoos are like dummies runnin around well those people have individuality and a creative personality unlike you bland hypocritical assholes who think you’re so pure fuck off one saying tattoos are stupid is an ignorant statement and sounds like something a three year old would say how about u open your mind before your mouth?

  4. skaterdude7499

    Hey wat episode? is that

  5. Igor Moreno

    20 minutes to made this ? f*ck, i spend 3 hours on mine tattoo, AND IT WAS SMALLER? -.-
    She f*cking rule !


    yeah dummies like you. its a shitty tattoo but you’re just sounding straight up? ignorant and, well, dumb.

  7. copsondonuts

    a tattoo of a guitar…with bones….yeah? it looks retarded. tattoos are for weak minded fools anyhow but this one is just plain silly. they both look like the funny papers, good goin morons lol im glad they make alot of money, keeps em locked away from normal society in their little la la land. we have enough dummies runnin around lol?

  8. IIGeRoNiMoXx

    anyone know the season & episode??

  9. lesrambles1

    I agree with you. I guess 2 freaks are better? than 1

  10. lene skomsvold

    What episode and season is? it? ;b

  11. Eric Goempel

    She? is with Jessie James from “west coast choppers”

  12. princesssuccessful1

    Lookin for good rnb with a good beat and good lyrics check out this guy i found him on the internet and had to share what i heard:::::::::::::: his name SIR CHRIS BENTLEY he is great i bet of u go? u will LOVE IT!

  13. eevilina

    i have the red version of that? board

  14. thatboythatgirl2020

    bam and Kat make a better couple than missy i reckon missy’s only with him cos of his? status o_0

  15. EtchASketchOfDeath

    .. than just as all is fine and dandy kat whips out a rattle snake and throws it? at BAM!

  16. StephanieZeee

    Bam and Missy are cute together, but Bam and? Kat would be a hot ass couple.

  17. bethcarliseh

    Shes too big. She would? be the man.

  18. IsaacAntonioOrtega

    Dude that? is fuckN sick !

  19. Katrina Amber

    they’re both? sexy bitches.
    they should have a threesome with ville valo,

  20. MrSatanochio

    ok dude, we forgive you, you`re just a? retard, just so you know, we all love you !

  21. forever182x

    their lives look? so fun

  22. forever182x

    ummmm wow right? then thanks for voicing your opinion!

  23. goldglitter04

    he is a nidiot!!? LOL

  24. pittielove

    or any other number over 7, wise? guy.

  25. stehey10

    does she say ‘over? 7 times’? so, 8 then

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