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25 Responses to “La Ink s05e05 part2”

  1. Ch0pstickk

    I thought Kat? said she never does the same portrait twice…

  2. Emily Fortune

    Hey! This was uploaded on? my birthday, woooooo!

  3. Samantha Jade

    She did NOT fucking tell a tatt artist if they needed help drawing. Hell fuckin no.? Haha

  4. Simsrockslol

    that liz gorl is aubry with dark hair and a bit more intellegent?

  5. karla mondragon

    my god, that woman is a pouser, monkey see, monkey does…. i wish the tat of the brother would have been something tacky , like her, so when she copied? the idea it would fit better…

  6. Haley Steffen

    I found it funny when Amy said she wanted the? names of her boyfriends then lines put through them, on the bottom corner of the screen it said “What Not to Wear”.

  7. GhostOf Eddie

    Fuck High Voltage. Craig!, Amy!, Pauly! They aren’t up themselves and Craig is funny? as hell.

  8. Mominaodiji

    american electric doesnt seem very professional,? the tattoo artists stop and talk during sessions and they dont seem like they have a very clean shop.

  9. shotsuicide1

    Craig? is so amazing :)

  10. jems5435

    The best thing about watching this on youtube is? that I can skip over anything Aubry

  11. CATcatCATwoof

    Awh, Kats laugh? is so cute ^.^

  12. Chuck Montana

    aubry needs to realise a tattoo is what you want, something UNIQUE,,, not? to take someone elses idea which means nothing to you… dumb blonde.

  13. Tom Allcock

    amy? <3

  14. scholte

    seeing her do the dennis? tattoo made me feel a reminder of the more happy laidback kat from S1

  15. Mrspixiebaba

    @rungtiwajade I heard Liz was an actress. The show? is scripted too and Kat’s been moaning about that, but hasn’t done anything about it :-‘/

  16. Rungtiwa Jade

    omg this bitch is real or they? just set it up?! lol

  17. ARIAS21229

    The bitch is so cocky liz?

  18. xthelastsong

    “I’m ready to? move on from LA Ink” yeah, exactly why did you stay on the show for so long after then? Stupid Aubry!

  19. Lolagal123

    AHAHA..? oh Craig.

  20. girl123interrupted

    I’m glad Liz ended up getting fired,? I wonder who the new drama queen will be ha ha am I the only one seeing this trend?

  21. folkgirrl

    Ah they say it lateron…. it’s? a special occasion.. :)

  22. supernatt924

    aw it’s sam. i love? sam!

  23. JasamTragicLove

    She is just tooooooo rude for? words!!!

  24. Rhiannon Rhodes

    Oh my god! I’ve never in my whole 15 years seen someone as rude as Liz! She goes and tells a pro tattoo artist he needs to take art classes on weekends then she goes “I can draw anything blah blah blah” I WANT AUBRY BACK! I’d rather have Aubrey who doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing rather than some bitch who thinks she Kat’s boss.?

  25. Nadia2015

    Looks like Lizikws coeey?

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