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Craig tries to put on a celebration for American Electric’s 11th anniversary, but Paulie and Aubry aren’t going to let it go down without a few bumps.

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15 Responses to “LA Ink – $20 Tattoo Day”

  1. saldanajorge86

    Wheres? kat at??

  2. michaelasaurusrex

    aubry is such an airhead..?

  3. haku22222


  4. FreyjasFighter

    “So Greg,? how did I do?”
    “Well you were here…” ROFL!!!

  5. 51hlluver

    okay, so i haven’t been watching this show for a while… so why doesn’t anyone like? Aubry…? sorry, just unfortunately stopped watching a while ago…

  6. MoreThanJustSkinDeep

    she actually has 10….8 tiny ones and? 2 big ones… but I understand your point:)

  7. TheMCRcharlotte

    Am I the only? on who fells sorry for Aubry?

  8. ShagTheDead

    it’s craig not creg you thick slag?

  9. Naomi Bonnici

    blonde bitch
    just leave, no one? likes you !

  10. boxofweedmw2haxed

    their is deffinatly? pot in the pipe lmfaooo

  11. MrGlennz0r

    Aubry has like? 1 tattoo. lmfao.

  12. snowfert

    Craig’s pout/frown thing is? sexayyy

  13. RenaeFlowers

    well i should probably add more to my comment. i dislike pink but you wear it well, and you remind me of cotton? candy pink and sweet.

  14. FreyjasFighter

    oh WOW how much Amy looks like Amy Lee? from Evanescence in this video!!! 😀 😀 😀 SO HOT!! ;D

  15. Sean Lyness

    Craig is My Hero!? The Silly Sausage.

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