LA Ink – Kim Saight Interview Posted by admin on December 24th, 2012 | Comments (22) |

Kim discusses her 16 years of tattooing.

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22 Responses to “LA Ink – Kim Saight Interview”

  1. polomarbles6

    Kim. Mmmmm?

  2. Lacrymosa1685

    That’s so funny! I’m from WI and hear absolutely no accent of her or anyone from the west. Southerners and Canadians I can hear an accent. Btw, Kim was the hottest? on that show!!!


    Kim is? a knockout!!

  4. sfasfsafsafafaf

    she;s? pretty!!

  5. bittersweet12ful

    she comes across as a cool? humble chick,unlike kat von d(MISS A-LIST)celebrity.As well as a kick ass tattooist.

  6. graffiticandy

    true dat?

  7. precious050868

    her tats are less expensive than HVT? (aka LA INK)… she charges by the hour

  8. pman1018

    Kim’s got the most midwestern of midwest accents! She’s from
    Ohio btw. I? hope she’s still got that rose on her left shoulder! I LOVE THAT!

  9. StEfAnIzZa90

    I loveeeeeeeeee? her !

  10. RrockcoolLP

    joder lo mismo pense? iio xD

  11. SonyDcrSr72

    Esta tia se da un pequeño aire a Jennifer Aniston.?

  12. raykocan

    she is? a chuchichuschis oh my god!!!

  13. sharingan24392

    pajeroo jajjaa?

  14. FatCatQuack

    why did kim and hannah leave? i haven’t watched la ink in a? while

  15. bandits1

    Agreed. Kim is a cutie. Still watching the show, but miss Kim and? Hannah.

  16. QUESOKID2007

    said to see? that she will not be on this season.

  17. 3mil3m

    she is the hottest woman? in LA Ink

  18. midnitetattoo

    i love? this woman

  19. TheEmoEmoEmo

    she’s? hot

  20. countrySTAR06

    agreed.? lol

  21. courtneyfrancis

    try listening? to what shes saying shes more than a pretty face

  22. Jackcouldcanyou

    shes? fitt

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