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contacts: freshlook colorblends in sterling grey Products I used: Kat von D foundation m54 olay concealer in corrector milani powder in medium Oh why hello there friend! Welcomes back! ;P I’m in love with this foundation right now! It legit has amazing coverage and doesn’t feel cakey on my skin. (my opinion) I think it has alot to do with how you apply it and how much you put on! Be sure to prep and prime your skin with this foundation because if you dont… YOULL LOOK a hott mess haha! As you saw in the video I used a tiny amount and got the amount of coverage. Imagine if I would have applied just a tad more! BAM! haha… If you have any questions be sure to drop me a line love bugs!! You can truly achieve flawless looking skin if you apply this correctly :) Love you always!!!! -Melisa Come and chat with me!!! I love interacting with you guys! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: lovemelisamichelle ?Fall Look Book: ? Products I recommend you to purchase! ?30 second hair tutorial! LIFE SAVER! ?My FAVORITE pink lipsticks: ?HOW I: fill in my BROWS: ?My 5 minute face: ?Sultry Plum lips: ?MY GO TO hair (in most videos):

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25 Responses to “Demo/Review: NEW Kat Von D lock it tattoo Foundation”

  1. Atur veto

    * on ur? eye makeup!

  2. Atur veto

    Please do? a tutorial

  3. lelfstrom

    Love? those earrings where are they from!!?

  4. princessupreme

    The music you chose is why you are the? best melisa

  5. Takesone toknowOne

    love it! i cant even imagine how long it would last if you only have to use? a pump and a half!

  6. marijo1013

    How much was it?? Very gorgeous!

  7. kajalkay

    hottie! xo?

  8. cacchina40

    you are perfect!!!!!?

  9. TheHershee


  10. Michelle Aguila


  11. EmmaLouLou2409

    haha at the hand poking? thru the hole

  12. tiaralane65

    Where did you get that Foundation from? and how much did u pay?..if it covers like that I have to have it! Lol thx

  13. eleonoraciyinta

    eye makeup? tutorial

  14. SmileTheDayAwayy

    What eyeliner are you? wearing? I really like it :)
    Please reply!

  15. DiddlinaMusic

    I NEED HELP!!I know nothing about make up (foundation, powder, concealer etc.) and would like? to start. A lot of girls on you tube and you inspire me a lot. Your face looks beautiful in this video love it! how would I know what foundation, power, concealer to buy? thank you!

  16. manes p

    Do a tutorial on? your eye makeup in this video!!!! Please

  17. MissAlishaBabyx

    Isn’t that? to hide tattoos?

  18. destineeher23

    Girlfriend,this makeup is way too thick,i swatched it at Sephora,I am not a fan of this at all,I like a thinner makeup..Ur Beautiful..i? just think it suxx..much love

  19. DesiGirlDK

    Which contactlinses are u wearing??

  20. MiaZoe822

    Try the? SOHO Beauty Sponge from Walmart. – only $5.00! Perfect dupe! Nice && Soft :)

  21. Maggie Quek

    Gorgeous even without make up!! U always mk me giggle with ur video… Love? ur charactor!!!

  22. Rabab Elouaai

    A tutoriel? about ypur makeup would be amazing!!! Please???? :) you are so beautiful :)

  23. LovelyAngelLima743

    Where can we find this foundation?

  24. jolinteee

    no one has perfect skin but your attitudes & characters make who you? are….wanna let u know you’re awesome and a hot mama! :)

  25. jasmine x

    do you think you broke out because you went off of birth control??

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