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Two sisters get tattoos to symbolize their relationship and their Vietnamese heritage.

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24 Responses to “LA Ink – Zodiac Sisters”

  1. SnuggleLess

    If you listen carefully, she says at 0:32 that they are their zodiac signs, but quiescently are also the Vietnamese ying yang signs? as well.

  2. nachoandfries

    yeah thats why she said vietnamese ying? yang sign……….

  3. redthemagicalunicorn

    when im older, i want to get Virgo holding? a snake. (August 29 2001)

  4. SnuggleLess

    I just? want to say, Dragon and Tiger are not opposites. Dragon is opposite of Dog and Tiger is opposite of Monkey. c:

  5. AmazeMeHarryStyles55

    the tiger came out looking paranoid as F**** lmao …. sucks? for her

  6. chloeburkss

    He’s so fuckin? hot!!

  7. Bieberjuicex

    Vietnamese FTW!?

  8. STELIOS435ify

    search Dragons or Tigers Tattoos
    this 2? tattoos are always on first line !

  9. 7fsjay

    theyre? not talking about the astrological zodiac, its their chinese zodiac lmao… leos have nothing to do with it

  10. 7fsjay

    theyre? talking about their chinese zodiac not their astrological zodiac… so its the year of the animal you were born in….

  11. 7fsjay

    theyre not talking about the astrological zodiac, theyre talking? about their chinese zodiac.. lol

  12. Bone Wax

    tiger looks like its on crack?

  13. l4dyfett

    I’m getting a dragon and a rat to? symbolize my parents’ marriage.. I’m stuck with the year of the monkey so :/

  14. Raphael Gomes

    Tiger comes up, Dragon goes down. I do kung fu and this? is a big part of our philosophy.

  15. sbaeagles15

    Ying-yang… DUMB MUTHAFUCKAS right there.?

  16. swat105

    i would get my sign, but i dont want a? cock on me

  17. Miserymalone

    DAN SMITH! I met him, got? a hug, autograph and photo. I cried.

  18. ahsleybruv

    OMG me and? my younger sister are 15 months apart 😀 and we argue xxxx

  19. Andrewbarton1000

    69 yup?

  20. brokenwings41

    cancer here? too 69 is cancer too

  21. CasyCatastrophe

    I’m not quite sure? of a mer-goat tattoo.

  22. michelle nakamura

    at least ill always have? a pet dog

  23. oXEmilyCrawshawXo

    i’m a pisces. two fishes. maybe? i could get two koi’s >8D

  24. TheWoodenmonkey

    my zodiac sign is cancer and i get the symbol 69 tattooed in my neck and its? pretty awesome.

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