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Mike V gets a tattoo of his two daughters before heading off on the warp tour.

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24 Responses to “LA Ink – Mike Vallely”

  1. southrules


  2. Kevosk

    the ability to make poor life? choices

  3. southrules

    Understand what??

  4. zcdfadse

    don’t have a tattoo? you wouldn’t? understand

  5. TheKohlslaw

    Have you ever seen the video where mike v? beats up 4 dudes at once? He is a BAMF and so is Jason Ellis. But to say Mike V has no technique is bs. He has his very own style of skating bro.

  6. xethanxflipsburgers

    i would have never? watched this if it wasnt for Mike V

  7. Yah DiGG

    OH SHYTT !? For a minute i thought that was Jax Teller lmao .

  8. fatboymachinegun

    his daughters? are pretty^^

  9. fatboymachinegun


  10. Jeffo193

    Wonderful to know…?

  11. sk8tafrnk

    I can’t jerk off with my left arm. If I jerk off with? my left arm my cock makes a creaking sound when I cum.

  12. nickdesroches89

    I remember when I thought mike was the baddest mf around.. lookin back, He’s a small guy with no technique… Jason Ellis is? the toughest man to ever skate, HANDS DOWN…

  13. wowfanatic94

    revolution? mother

  14. jae k

    clearly my comment says “mike v’s? OLDER” dumbass….smfh

  15. iskate4diamond

    the? old one or the 5 year old?

  16. blueovaltrucks

    epic? beard!!!

  17. Kyorano

    Mike V And The Rats?

  18. moscawhale55

    Dayum! He’s old now?

  19. jae k

    mike V’s older daughter is hot?

  20. ThatOneGuyWithEyes

    what is the name of his band??

  21. superjoe6191

    yeps it forever!!!! he carries this where ever he? goes, and this is the only thing he carries to the grave

  22. southrules

    Hey, it was? just an observation. I love Mike. Live

  23. naMetsaW

    or you could go and tell him that. oh no this was 4 years ago. congratulations your comment made a world? wide difference. no. die

  24. xXxSoRiAnOxXx

    I wonder who’s dating his? daughter? AHHH

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