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Coreys myspace is fyi

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25 Responses to “LA INK – Kat Von D interviews Corey Miller”

  1. yoenace

    I don,t know why cause he,s not my type, not? even close, but I always found this man so sexy and hot…wow

  2. primate292

    Dont reply your fucking boring!?

  3. primate292

    You sound really smart, you boring predictable little girl. Kat von D? is a conformist victim of her own self importance and widely considered in the tattooing world as a very poor tattooist. As well as an ugly mong.

  4. rabit1233

    you must be gay or ugly and fat in real? life

  5. freeroller1000

    kat is shit and ugly as fuck and thick as? fuck i think she got the aids.

  6. DEEDAY2012

    this guy looks like a grease ball. A real bitch when i? see him and he makes me change the station no matter how hot kat is.

  7. butterflygrrrl83

    Too? bad she dicked him.

  8. DazOr95

    love the last thing he said “i must? have a whole back here cause my head doesnt swell to much”

  9. liz angel

    I just love? Corey Miller !!

  10. jaysingh3777

    Corey is the man that actually makes the show kat needs to go every rehab program there is for big headedness and passive aggression, but u know wut even that wouldnt fix her up I really they would stop filming those guys from high? voltage cuz its now really annoying to c that shop and the clowns within

  11. jaysingh3777

    I honestly think the money has gone? to kats head,what she really wants is a bunch of followers to worship everything she does and says that’s why she fell out with Corey she couldnt handle him having his own opinion, and her brother he’s another character who showsup when kats made abit of a name and now wants to play the older brother wuta joke

  12. Necronomicon08

    – realy ?? thats cool !!!

    Corey? Miller rules !!!

  13. Necronomicon08

    – realy ??? thats cool !!! Corey? Miller rules!!?

  14. clmwahh19

    im glad Corey? left…what kind of crfap is that to get voted back to something you started…that was a bunch of bull…corey did the right thing and lefted…

  15. SmellsLikeNirvanaaa

    to bad there not on? speaking terms anymore…

  16. ThePattycake1313

    and kat always? talks/acts stoned. she probably is.

  17. Wilson1T

    I hate Kat’s brother. I mean he looks like always going cry

    The boy only? has a job because of Kat. That bitch didn’t Corey there and said Kat didn’t need him

  18. TheSilvertones

    I agree 100%!
    I think Kat is a passive aggressive jerk! She tries to come off as cool and caring but really she behaves cowardly and is a poor leader. She screwed with Paully and Amys livelihood by giving them false hope when she knew she wasn’t going to hire them from the get go, but, instead? of being decisive, she just let them linger and twist in the wind until they got fed up…just as Cory did.
    If I was Cory Miller I would be insulted beyond words.

  19. Headshothorror4488

    Sorry about spelling that shit Pissed me off, acting like o we want him back , said nothing to? him n let him walk out , he quit cause they took forever to tell him YES come back, then he said ok bye n no one said o well we were just gonna call u to come back, MORONS, fake ass people

  20. Headshothorror4488

    The dumb assholes at la ink act like they wanted him back and then we he came in they said nothing yo him about it!!!! He gave them a chance !!!! Now they say he was the asshole !!!! Wtf? , morons, u all played him 4 2 weeks then said nota 2 him about him staying

  21. KevinCarey

    Corey? did James Hetfield Tattoos

  22. chrissylm37

    Kat used him as? a stepping stone then shit all over him.

  23. crawlin82

    know? it all POS, i hate this loud mouth.

  24. imaan9888


  25. 4camilo888

    professional tatto artist hands down world? known..

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