Von Mau5 Christmas-tree-party-time! Posted by admin on December 16th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

2012 unveiling of our Christmas tree!

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25 Responses to “Von Mau5 Christmas-tree-party-time!”

  1. jocelinmelvir

    I wonder how their? wedding is going to be<3

  2. DakotaJamesGuitar

    @themadbatter that’s exactly what I was thinking?

  3. Mollyjane808gmail

    Not a fan of christmas trees. Though I love your skull collection on? the left.

  4. Erzengelx007

    Real cute? :3 xoxoxo. ?

  5. xLiveAthousandways

    Congradulations Katmau5 <3 I can't wait to? see your little mau5lings in 9 months.

  6. crystalzip2002

    You two are? fucking adorable!!!!

  7. Lissette Orozco

    Love him. Love her. Love it.?

  8. morgan farr

    Love it merry Christmas xx?

  9. yummyberrzzzzzzz

    adorable? tree

  10. gianluca cianfarano

    ciao KVD? gianluca, e jacopo

  11. thebambamstheory

    Love it!!!?

  12. JGTRA

    Kat had a Griswold? moment! lol

  13. OfficialFansOfMusic

    Merry Xmas? :)

  14. rainbow39053

    Happy Christmas Kat? :) xx

  15. jlawtonrobson

    Merry christmas :D? 3

  16. KetsuekiTheCannibal

    She falls for? the worst guys, I swear.

  17. cheshirexgirl

    Merry Christmas Kat. :) hope the two of you? have a good one.

  18. punkboy713

    ur like the Ricky & Lucy of the Tattoo world…lol Merry Xmas guys and happy 2013?

  19. shelbysolis42


  20. summeraveofficial

    So sweet?

  21. starvingforbones

    I see Edgar Allan Poe there..? You little creeper

  22. tkharmon211

    Thats what I was gonna say!?

  23. HulyaGulia

    kat your so cute. happy? holidays to you! <3

  24. anna douglas

    He’s too fake. Kat is? too real.

  25. ffeilb

    now i understand? why mau5 is so crazy after her :)

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