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Gin Blossoms’ frontman, Robin Wilson, comes into the shop for a tattoo from Dan.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Robin Wilson from Gin Blossoms”

  1. eisteoloimalakes

    does he really need to go to? the mirror to see his arm tattoo? 😛

  2. Chris Swanson

    Jizz Blossoms??

  3. MarcoMcNuggets

    KAT wow…. best tattoo in the world…and? very beautifull girl !!!!!!!!!

  4. brokenwings41

    i dont like war i hate it but you cant negotiate with terrorists like the 9/11 kind iam? not republican or democrat dislike both love the tat

  5. TheOtherGuy198

    thats bad? ass

  6. 23frootloop

    i love the colour in the tattoo.?

  7. paulelshout

    Hero!? <3

  8. baxtersave96

    Do you know the word liberal means? Most liberals are against war.Also George Bush was not a liberal.You dod realize he was a conservative Republican? Having said that I agree with you. Creating new jobs and taking care of the domestic problems of this country should? be our #1 priority

  9. baxtersave96

    Yes That is exactly what I call them too. Pop is such a broad term obviously it means popoular and I hate to call them that because that word encompasses everyone from Lady Ga Ga to Madonna.?

  10. Hector Salinas

    People who? click dislike on this video are liberal pro-war idiots who support Obama and Bush’s wars? in the middle east where the U.S. spends billions? to invade and brutally occupy sovereign nations where we force them to accept democracy as a form of government at the expense of our taxpayers and the cost of countless lives? of innocent? U.S. soldiers and civilians. Real Americans know the U.S. should spend that money to create new jobs and take? care of America first! Robin Wilson 2012!

  11. Hector Salinas

    Gin Blossoms are great, they sound alot like? Tom Petty, The Records, The Byrds and the rockin’ guitar work of Neil Young. Some people call Gin Blossoms roots rock or power pop, but I just call them rock n roll.

  12. baxtersave96

    The Gin Blossoms are a? great band

  13. savantiflag

    “a mediocre band can go a long way if they have great songs. we’re? living proof of that”

    LOL <3

  14. TheTammyTube


  15. darkwatersunset

    love? it!!!

  16. xRio313x

    Love? his Dark Mark tattoo!!!

  17. 666Bloodjane

    the? gin blossems ? XD

  18. karotstattoos

    Amazing? work. Clean lines, bright colors!

  19. kambiedie

    wauw!! those? colors!

  20. TheNameIsMelissaFoo

    wow!!? 😀

  21. xXmusetteXx

    try 1:42 its on? his wrist!

  22. pintofly07

    yo amo este programa me encanta lo profesional que? son yo estoi en el negosio y quiero ser mejor cada dia y el ver este programa me ayuda a mejoral

  23. SynestheticSoul

    Lovely! But the red freaked me out. Haha.?

  24. rhyboy1

    fuck, that shading was awesome.. spesh in the? flames.. never thought of shading with black for some reason…

  25. Graffitiking44

    Damn that shit came out clean? ass hell

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