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Miami Ink – Kat Von D helps Mark make up for lost time with a tattoo that pays tribute to the support he received whilst he was in prison. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink, just head to: www.youtube.com Subscribe to ink | www.youtube.com

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D Pinup – Miami Ink”

  1. jayk10304

    has a 10 year old boy .. lol it woud? of been funny if you were right (:

  2. maxtache

    Great tattooist who has? disappeared up her own arse since she went onto bigger things. Shame.

  3. BrieLarsonFan

    Three years in maximum security? prison for growing weed?!

  4. mariahlg22

    He went to prison for growing weed, that’s sad in itself.? Poor thing for losing his father while he was in there.

  5. ryukthekid

    Lolz, it does sound like if he said, “my fiance is? a ten year old boy”.

  6. NaturReise

    She smokes?

  7. music4theweekend

    3 years in prison for growing a plant? Yeah, our world is? such a great place…

  8. sweet3vil67

    no they’re not -__- first of all, they’re in roman numerals which is the same, if you didn’t? know that, and the watch is turned on a 90 degrees to the right (clockwise)

  9. 509g1

    I wanna fuck Kat von? rather than hug her after she does my tattoo ;). U sexy tattooist

  10. MIKEYmigliaccio

    i would? KILL for a tattoo to be done by Kat. absolutely amazing!

  11. iDraw3G

    Thank God this? criminal went to prison.

  12. MegaPapaJay

    kat is so fine. and id really fuck her? face to face, no condom.

  13. David Nguyen

    im going to? jail soon, this makes me sad:( i hope my court date goes good.

  14. FrozenZombi

    Guys, I? would highly recommend you go watch a TV series created by VICE called Tattoo Age on youtube.

  15. Kimmeyko Rose

    hay that not nice :P?

  16. Kimmeyko Rose

    hay that not? nice 😛

  17. nomdefaitour

    She was drunk a lot of the time when Miami Ink was filmed, which may explain why her art is so? much better now that she’s sober.

  18. Heidi Petersen

    vey? petty tatoo

  19. Mitch Gallivant

    obviously, buts not what he said lol.?

  20. dom mazzotta

    Good? spelling, dumbass.

  21. mollieeshaw

    What a? weirdo..

  22. So Ratchet

    maybe he doesn’t speak very good english? or know how to write the grammar correctly, so settle down,bro.

  23. MeAndMyRetardedMates

    Once I’m older enough Im gonna go to America and get a? tattoo from her:3

  24. 7YearBitch00

    Her skills have wildly improved since then. It’s a great piece and I love the concept, but she’s a LOT better now with minimizing line art and now her work looks a lot more realistic. Faces are also much more? symmetrical.

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