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19 Responses to “LA Ink s05e07 part5”

  1. JellyxXJoy

    Paulie dezerft that?

  2. rh473031

    Yeah, you don’t lose a lot of blood it’s? mostly plasma, also if you pick the scabs you can lose a chunk out of your tattoo.

  3. TheKieshaKiesha

    eddie bravo?

  4. Vexlulz

    0:54 Kat? naked

  5. bornw1ld

    Corey is married and has kids..? he let’s this whore Liz call him “babe” ? screw both of them!

  6. cookoo125

    This is a “produced” television show. All the drama and crap is blown out of proportion and? even staged to make the show interesting. Reality tv is not real.

  7. ThatGirl0800

    everyone is sitting and saying how much cory is complaining but for? real he has a lot of shit to deal with. like i would start to break down like that too :( Poor cory

  8. Lilaaaaaaaay

    Liz only has like? high voltage t shirts on in all these episodes …does she not get you can wear anything lol dingbat

  9. 909sophielou

    Pauly’s voice grates on? me, I can’t stand it

  10. JezzieLS

    I am? glad Corey is gone in the later episodes…he is such a wining bitch

  11. deesan82

    stop wining Corey!!! Quit? then…

  12. MiiGull

    u really don’t loose a lot of blood, even tough it is kinda personal, one bleeds more then the other. But yh, it’s not soooo much.

    The risks: infection,scarring if you pick the scabs.

    Make sure it’s hygienic and? if they don’t tell you how to take care of your tattoo when you ask (and you should ask before you get it done) or if the answer isn’t good enough run the hell away.

    Hope it was helpfull ^^

  13. florah3

    do u lose a lot of blood when you get a tattoo?
    … and what are the risks?
    i wanna get a tattoo? but i dont really know anything about them :S:S

  14. msrienne3d

    when did kat say? to get out

  15. deepzeadiver

    haven’t noticed that? before,my bad.i think the missing part lasts 10 seconds at most.anyways i’ll make sure it won’t happen again next time i split the vids.

  16. fluffyshark

    all these videos cut off just when the juciest things are gonna be said! Is there any hance you can upload the endings of the previous episodes to the beggining of the next episode? I know youtube has time constraints on the maximum you can upload but that would be? really cool.
    Either that or could you just put it in a comment box as to what was said when the clip cuts off?
    Thanks so much for uplaoding these though, i’m really greatful!

  17. Maree Standing

    I think Liz have a secret agenda? with her portrait thingy

  18. operaknitter

    Liz wanted her “portrait done”. Yeah, right. So glad Cory didn´t take the bait. ? Sounds like Cory´s got some decisions to make. I think Kat´s really matured through the process of having her own show and shop. Cory mentored her and helped her get on her feet. Time to go their own ways as friends before things start to break down. You can only have two cooks in the kitchen.

  19. Maree Standing

    Thanks again? for these vids

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