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Kat has a special surprise for Jesse, and it’s something he’s seen before.

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24 Responses to “LA Ink – Kat’s Surprise for Jesse”

  1. liamoriley85

    When you guys are making as much money as she? is, then you can comment 😉

  2. olvi maestro

    So… whats she gonna morph it into when they break up? in about 4 years? lol

  3. MrSirloin55

    She? acts like a ho

  4. MrSirloin55

    She? looks like a skank

  5. MrSirloin55

    She? sounds like a man

  6. oceanandii

    in the back of his? head he was like fuck, just came from fucking that slut…lmao

  7. Supra Mundane

    Attention Whore.?

  8. TheMicbreakers

    He got? really pissed.

  9. max xouroux


  10. aap aaps

    and why? stone-aged? caveman

  11. voytron1

    Kat is a dirty? skank

  12. NamIsIll

    what a repulsive looking? whore

  13. Jennifer Robin

    I? really like her, and I think she is very pretty, but her voice sounds like a 15 year old teen boy.

  14. Jennifer Robin

    Was this before or after Jesse was married to Miss. Sandra? Bullock?

  15. joeyaerosmith

    did? they leave each other like the day after ?

  16. monstermonsterful

    i think he cheated? on her…

  17. IhateUrFuckinFace

    what happened? anyway?

  18. Steski24PS3

    Lucky fucker.?

  19. monstermonsterful

    poor kat :/ she was really in love with? him…its so sad…

  20. moontidesealily

    What a nut? wad….

  21. Brittanie Evans

    Lmfao!! Seeing this? chick getting his face tattooed on her (not just his name) and knowing that he cheated on her too just tickles me pink!! That’s what she gets! Lol!!

  22. Kenn Hiser

    Eternal truth? : nomatter how famous or “successful “, you can still hate yourself. Both of them.

  23. Kenn Hiser

    Just another stupid shallow socal bimbo. They all like the badboy til he is bad to? HER. Idiot.

  24. Crack3rJack5

    Yeah? its hot.

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