2010 ~KAT VON D~{ROCK-N-ROLL} EYESHADOW TUTORIAL!! Posted by admin on December 3rd, 2012 | Comments (25) |


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25 Responses to “2010 ~KAT VON D~{ROCK-N-ROLL} EYESHADOW TUTORIAL!!”

  1. PhasionQueen27

    aww thank u so much !!! its mac viva glam? v hun!!

  2. tia0923

    this is very pretty on you…..love the eyeshadows, and? what you used on your lips…….

  3. PhasionQueen27

    tanks BOO gimmie? ya neeeemba hahahahaha=}

  4. MsNylia

    very? nice sis!

  5. MsNylia

    Get it Girl! nice!?

  6. PhasionQueen27

    hey hun me too im like ou need to get more thats my only one but def wont be my last =)?

  7. blackandthick

    i love? kat von d eyeshadows i only have a couple i need to get some more nice video

  8. kikilovesmakeup6

    girl mines too …i had to sub back to a few ppl too … i know i was? gone all month takin a break from YT now im back-ish :) missed ya xoxo

  9. PhasionQueen27

    hey kiki long time sis u know my channel messed up anyway? i had to sub u back but thank u so much i luv this palette looking to get more any recommendations ?? luv ya

  10. PhasionQueen27

    hey trece thank u so much yes i luv elf and i? just got put up on this primer …glad i did luv ya sis

  11. kikilovesmakeup6

    i love my katvond palettes :) this is? a very sexy look mamas love the smokey

  12. latrece36

    Love the? look…

  13. latrece36

    I love the E.L.F. primer as well it is great…?

  14. PhasionQueen27

    hey sweetie e.l.f is pretty good for the most part but its hit or miss if u get something from them u ar either gonna luuuv it or hate it the primer i really luv its like the urban decay primer potion luv? ya hun

  15. TheChocolateBerry

    I see that even you use some products from E.L.F. … is the cosmetic really? so good? I think i have to try it on my own 😀

  16. PhasionQueen27

    thanks? beautiful=)

  17. PhasionQueen27

    hey nita thank u so much sis i think its? nyx chestnut its not on the liner but yes i think thats what it is …luv ya sis thanks again=)

  18. PhasionQueen27

    @nett3772 aww thank u so mych i thought it would? go with the theme =)

  19. PhasionQueen27

    heey carrie? hope u are well thanks for the continued luv=)

  20. PhasionQueen27

    lol hey hun yes i do? get it alot thanks for that sis be blessed

  21. PhasionQueen27

    thanks tigga=) luv? u

  22. PhasionQueen27

    hahahaha u too much mizz joe …u know u want it lol? ok ima stop teasing u causei needed to say the same thing to all this other mess but its the junkie iun me that can help it =) thanks sis

  23. PhasionQueen27

    thank? u crystal luv ya sis

  24. PhasionQueen27

    guurl u betta try but i alredy know lol=) luv ya sis?

  25. PhasionQueen27

    aww? apreciated =)

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