Anderson Cooper bashes Kat Von D Posted by admin on November 30th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Well said Anderson! Well said, INDEED!

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25 Responses to “Anderson Cooper bashes Kat Von D”

  1. jonathandaily01

    Kat is the best,she has amazing tattoos?

  2. DARRYL44441

    Think Before You? Ink! Dumb Bitch! LOL!!!!!!!

  3. missmissyphotography

    I agree, don’t like him anymore? either after just seeing this.

  4. rickardo004

    kat is nasty?

  5. lloe1

    This is? whats on CNN? Why?

  6. chuckyko

    Kat Von D is? a total moron. Tattoo for a guy you’ll never see again.

  7. Tiffani Anne

    and cant? hear out of the other

  8. maymonk

    lol, ur right!?

  9. Jennifer Chew

    An EXTREMELY desperate man!!! It’s just TOTALLY gross how she acted when Jessie James walked into her shop!!!

    Kat needs to learn to grow up.?

  10. maymonk

    you would think a tattoo artist would know better? than to tattoo someone’s name and even worse their face on you. I agree, shes beyond dumb.

  11. Madison Kube

    whats wrong with ami’s new tattoo? show NY Ink?

  12. Madison Kube

    shes deaf in one? ear.

  13. maymonk

    kat von d sounds like a man ewww?

  14. unofficialdear

    I lost so much respect for? that roman when she got her own show. I want miami ink back

  15. killfroggy26

    What? a train wreck!

  16. arthurtats

    im on kat’s side with? this one,

  17. JackyZeeCannibal

    The point is that the main point of the show is about tattoos. I hate that it turned into mostly stupid drama but it’s things like? this that made it that way.

  18. Jennifer Chew

    Kat Von D has tattoos that has to do with every man she has been with at some point in her life. You would think that stupid bitch would learn. Having a tattoo that that has to do with a man that you were with at a certain point is a bad omen. BREAK-UPS DO HAPPEN!!!! She? is just beyond stupid.

  19. 62muki

    @Rayers – I agree kat? VD does get weak when it comes to men.Their all ugly and dirty too. Never could figure her out. Any woman who is decent would not get with a guy named Jessie James, your only asking for trouble.

  20. RussX5Z

    Yeah! Go Anderson!! Kat Von D is like a lost child. I use to do something similar as what Kat Von D did when I was a pre-teen but the only difference is? I was a kid then and Kat is an adult. Kat Von D has been smoking/inhaling/ the pipe for too long.

  21. RussX5Z

    Ha ha ha!!? You’re right.

  22. RussX5Z

    Kat Von D is seriously brain? fried from all the drugs she’s been using in the past. Its obviously by her outrageous hyperactive behavior and the way she talks.

  23. halflifeproductionz

    i wanna see? em both do it. hardcore bang bang!!

  24. thehappymoth

    Fuck You Anderson.?

  25. Rayers

    Kat Von D tries? to appear like a wise tough bitch but she’s weak as hell when it comes to men

    COOPER is Hott

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