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23 Responses to “LA Ink s05e10 part5”

  1. jerkt dollente

    illgonna? fckyour ass liz,

  2. ahronical

    Of course the drama is fake!! Liz? and Aubrey were probably actresses and you can hear how some moments and senteces were montaged, cause it’d be boring if it was only about tattoos. C’mon it is a TV show, in needs drama!!!!!

  3. Joakim Gårder

    For some? reason, I find myself siding with Liz…Dan is a brown-nosing, spineless Australian dingo-puppet, Adrian looks like a lobotomy victim…they’re all highly inarticulate, illiterate and uneducated. Dan: “you’ll never be part of our family”…”….ummm, big effing whoop!

  4. mjsrpv

    I believe that the drama, is all fake!!!?

  5. defyned

    Kat needs to learn some management skills. She disrespects the loyal employees (Corey) and won’t get rid of Liz who is? clearly inept. I’m surprised Corey, Dan, Adrienne, and a few others don’t move on to better jobs. Do all tattoo shops treat their employees this bad?

  6. Zilia Choco

    this is ridiculously fake
    I enjoy? it though

  7. harhainen

    i feel so sorry for liz being liz?

  8. harhainen

    is liz really thinking shes gonna make it like this?? thats just? really beyond this world.. 😀 i hope this is scribted, or im gonna find that bitch and kill her very fucking slowly! what a brainless dumbass

  9. ninguemvj

    Do you? guys actualy believe any of it besides the needles and ink are true?


  10. veGitaDK

    Kat’s such a stupid blond there just wants all the glory but dosn’t want to do the right things to get there. No wounder Kim and Hanna? left her when they could.

  11. Arceusvids

    The editting is off? the chart.. Every single fucking scene is editted lol! Dan: “you’ll NEver bE PArt OF ouR Fa-Mi-ly” lmfao

  12. MrDommo09

    Liz needs her ass? beat

  13. Georgia White

    This is so fake it actually? annoys me. -__-

  14. RyanM4N

    Anyone else notice the voice editing at? 6:17?

  15. TheKieshaKiesha

    adrian is such? a dyke. whats wrong with her cheek? she looks like a crack head

  16. JEM4JS

    i bet Dan was one of them lads that you just wanted? to crack at school.

  17. o0iateyourmom0o

    ….? Can we use Liz as a pinata? Fricking hell.

  18. Vexlulz

    My goddd? the jumpcuts. Can someone just shoot the editor please?

  19. TheZendnb

    @5:37 Adrienne’s? clothes are different.

  20. tooyoung87

    I? think Liz should have told Dan and Adrianne not to listen in on her private conversations.

  21. xthelastsong

    You go Dan! At least he’s honest.?

  22. annarexik

    Do you? know how old is Adrienne please ?

  23. Salome Esenina

    I`ve never? seen adrian smiling

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