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Demi Lovato Gets Inked By Kat Von D Subscribe to Hollywire | Send Chelsea a Tweet! | Follow Hollywire! | Demi Lovato gets inked yet again, and I’ve got pictures of new her tattoo here! Lately I think Demi and 1D’s Harry Styles would be the best couple, because they could just live their life getting tattoos together all day long! Or maybe not, but ya know just a thought! Yesterday Demi showed off her freshly inked tat on Twitter — which is a line of 12 birds flying down her forearm, placed alongside her “faith” tattoo she got last year. Receiving the markings from celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D. — Demi even tweeted a picture of the two together! Demi has yet to reveal the significance behind the birds, but more than likely it has some meaningful message behind it, much like her other tats do. Okay so what do you guys think about Demi’s tats? Love them? Or do you think she has too many? Also what do you think they mean!?!

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24 Responses to “Demi Lovato Gets Inked By Kat Von D”

  1. varizez109

    I? think the birds mean freedom.

  2. HouDa Sabrina

    no demi and harry just no
    but i think demi and niall would be a great couple TEAM NEMI?

  3. muhannad107mm

    Now demi is ugly in 2008? is beautifule

  4. iluvredvines

    did i? ask


    Demi &? Harry? No.. Just No

  6. VeryClayful

    her freedom.?

  7. Kimmeyko Rose

    Fucking hater one this page lol. Demi Lovato got a tattoo like almost everyone else have one to remind them or realest them from it so back the fuck off you guys don’t control what she do or what she say plus if you don’t like her why the fuck you watch it i guess just to be a fucking cyber bully what done is done so keep your words to yourself and do everyone a favor? an get a life

  8. rlover171

    I? love Demi’s tattoos

  9. 066200726

    i like demi’s other tattoos, but the flock of birds don’t look good? : /

  10. kelsey eng

    i dont like her. at all but? i love her tattoos..

  11. klarence strong

    nooooo never it should be nialll and her?

  12. MrsMimistyle

    no demi and nail, but YES to? NIALL and DEMI

  13. Sophie Elliott

    no Demi and? Nail

  14. Truedirectionerever5

    I really? dont think tht they would make a good couple!!!!!! And i really dont like demi lovato soooo yea

  15. sarabear0915

    I love this so cute i love demi and all her tatoos i think the? birds mean like being free.and being trustivle

  16. areustube

    I love the? the tattoos they’re gorgeous. <3

  17. kristincookie12

    Love the tatoos? <3

  18. beautifuldaydreamer2

    family members?

  19. lockyandlloydyvlogs


  20. laksjdhfg1998

    Kat Von D looks super tall in that pic. I think Demi should stop getting more tattoos, she’s going to have tons of regret when she gets older if she keeps? this up

  21. alyaken123

    I thing she should take it slow or? else she’d be punk or something -_-

  22. allyx price

    Nothing to do with this video but Niall and Ariana FOR? THE WIN #Nariana

  23. nataliazavala122092

    I will rather see her with lots of tats then her with cut thats her thing!! That’s you the birds mean freedom she? want to fly n be free!!

  24. Elii Dåå

    I love her tattoos and I love her too :* She’s so amazing and so beautiful :* That’s what I think about her? :*:*

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