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http:///www.youtube.com/user/jamakeupartist Come over to Facebook! www.facebook.com Chirp at me www.twitter.com Hey everyone welcome to another talkin’ Thursday! Well probably FRIDAY now since I have not been feeling the best.(OH WELL ACTUALLY I HAD TO RE EDIT MY PC TURNED OFF) Today I’ll be applying the new Kat Von D Lock it foundation and telling you my first impressions of the foundation as well as doing an eye look for you guys a cheaper alternative to the Limited Edition Maybelline quads. Judi (my youtube mamma) also known here on Youtube as MABQ has sent me a wonderful package not only for me but for my daughters to play with. A few months ago I sent her some nail polishes this is what she is known for on her channel. The link will be down below. She is an amaszing beauty vlogger and blogger she is known for her exceptional knowledge of nail polishses! If you would like a list of polishes comment to me and ill post it to facebook! Judi’s Youtube channel www.youtube.com Her Blog www.middleagedbeautyqueen.wordpress.com What I’m wearing Olay moisturizer Laura Geller spackle Nyx Jumbo pencil in Rust LA colors eye pallet Laura Geller balance and Brighten foundation in Medium MUFE HD powder MAC Pro sculpting cream in coffee walnut MAC blush in Margin Essense lipliner in berry Buxom samantha lipgloss Maybelline Mega plush Mascara Black Heart liquid eyeliner in black Buxom eyeliner in onyx Essense white khole pencil FTC:products shown were purchased by me unless otherwise

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It demo and Haul from JUDI”

  1. Jamie Barton

    Oh thank? you hahaha :))

  2. SweetDarling33

    I have to tell you BLONDE is your colour,you look so? pretty, dont go back to black!

  3. SweetDarling33

    oh I have? to go find you right now…. follow me too:)

  4. Jamie Barton

    oh how cool! :)? how long was your hair?

  5. Jamie Barton

    yes i have one but i need a new phone!! :( ?

  6. SweetDarling33

    Finally found you on twitter and subscribed I? mean FOLLOWED, duh… are you on instagram too?

  7. carmenglamourgirl

    Omg that is hilarious and awful! Well, at least you can move on now! It’s hard for life to carry on normally with a giant? spider in the house! Haha:)

  8. Jamie Barton

    OMG THE WORST THING HAPPEND LASTNIGHT me and Briana one of my twins we were eating sketti in the bedroom watching tv and the SPIDER WAS ON HER LEG she goes MAMMA THE TRANTUALA IS ON ME but she kept her cool….my sketti went flying diet coke all over i had to get it off her leg and then i trapped it? with a CUP then danny came and killed it!!!! she was way braver than me. I KNEW THE SUCKER would try and get me for trying to kill it :(

  9. Jamie Barton

    It is called Venique im not sure where they come from! i love? it too!! its so pretty

  10. May4daisy

    Ok thanks for the input! I will let you know what I think of Illimasqua when it comes in the mail and I try it? out :)

  11. Jamie Barton

    hahahaa thanks unsure of what? im natural at but THANK YOU xoxoxo

  12. Jamie Barton

    the foundation is a no for me? im sticking with my estee lauder face and body the Kat von D is too drying for my dry skin and lasting power on me was not long i wanted it to work!!! i love the packaging lol JUDI is the best i love her nail vids on sundays haha

  13. Jamie Barton

    AWWW THANKS LauraLola? lol YOU’RE LOLA to me hhehe Judi is sweet and the girls have used up the MUA PALLETS lmao caitlyn has gone through EVERY brand of polish seperated them my little ocd girl hahaha she is super organizing it’s so odd but i love it hahaa

  14. Jamie Barton

    me no likey LOL my? estee lauder face and body has more coverage but i think the KAT might be good for combo/oily skin i guess it’s just preference heck i didn’t like the revlon whipped and you loved it so i say go try and get a sample!! girlll <3

  15. nellie pisani

    you look great!! i got my hair cut like that and did my color a bit darker!!?

  16. Jamie Barton

    I dont think you? would like the Kat Von D it’s not like our Estee lauder face and body i wont be getting it just was way too drying and application is a beotch imo lol but it might work for you get a sample.. tell me about your foundation!!

  17. marilynaviles

    jamie u r? a natural love u gal

  18. SuperLadySheba

    Awesome haul of gifts from Judi!The nicest girl in the world!!Your foundation looks? great on camera,btw.Let us know if it works out for u:)

  19. May4daisy

    You have BEAUTIFUL skin! lucky girl! You don’t even need makeup! I want to try the Kat Von D foundation now! I just ordered the Illimasqua rich foundation b/c I heard it’s AMAZING so I’ll let u know how I like it when I? get it!

  20. Mrslolalynn

    Such great stuff Judi Sent you!!!! What a sweetheart! You look gorgeous in this video? Jamie!

  21. Mrslolalynn

    i hear the foundation is super full coverage but it? dries fast! and a little goes a long way!

  22. Stylngurl00

    Awesome goodies!! What is? the name of the purse? Love it!!!

  23. ukpanic77

    Just with a? flat top.

  24. carmenglamourgirl

    Hey girl! That foundation coverage looks awesome! I have combo skin? so I am intriqued…but it did look a little hard to work with? I am freaking out with you about the spider…!!! Eeeeek!

  25. Jamie Barton

    it’s always nice to gift yourself with something you? want on xmas!!! wooot wootttt!! 😀 how do you apply it?

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