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21 Responses to “LA Ink S04E06 part4”

  1. persnikity12345

    It needed to be said, but you could tell that the customers all? around them were getting uncomfortable. Maybe they should have found a less central place to talk..?

  2. crematedmemoir

    He’s not English? he’s Kiwi

  3. TRASHYgah

    Yeah, Aubry is crap, but people are right, she was being bullied and ganged up on. They are just a little click. Kat doesn’t? handle it professionally. Craig doesn’t put up with any of that shit in his shop and he is always fair. High voltage were shitty towards Paulie when all he has done is accept what he thought was a job opportunity. If she didn’t want other people, she should have just explained to him instead of hiring him then slagging him off. Bullllshhiiittt.

  4. andybondoir18

    the english guy looks like brian molko?

  5. buckskinbabe93

    there’s nothing wrong with the piano keys. they have this bit that extends past the side so that the kegs can’t be pushed down too far…that extra bit creates a shadow and because of that they look like the don’t match up when you look at it side on. lol that probably doesn’t make sense if you can’t go? look at a piano

  6. LolaXBunny

    haha i think she meant rocket science but i’d like to know what that is too. ?

  7. Madison Kube

    I want to know what the blurry tattoo on the pastor is. Most likely a penis..?

  8. TheKieshaKiesha

    wtf is rocket surgery?

  9. TheKieshaKiesha

    that piano is wack! the keys dont even lne up right…? wtf?

  10. lloydymk

    people complaining that aubrey is being bullied, please someone point out where aubrey done something? CORRECT and they shitted on her…….dont worry…..i’ll wait

  11. JEM4JS

    It’s become second? nature now for them to complain about everything that aubrey does and says. basicly they are bullying her. cunts and that Dan fuck me what a prick. pauly should have sparked him.

  12. Michelle1997Jette

    At 7:35 has her? hair down but at 8:12 her hair is in a bun.

  13. RevelationProphet

    Aubrey is the most dumb blonde I’ve ever seen? in my life!

  14. sealygirly

    i don;t? really like dan.. that much

  15. firebubblesoncrack

    Kat should have this convo with aubrey in her office that way? the customers aren’t involved

  16. connections224

    dan is sooo adorable<3 i just? wanna hug him. :)

  17. teraterakhan

    Rocket? surgery? Wth lol

  18. sugarychocobot

    I’m the kind of person who can HATE one? person sooo badly, but when they get what I wanted I feel bad :l

  19. Hikari Satio

    its not rocket surgery
    I? LOVE KAT!!!

  20. wouldntevenbleed

    kats? so friggen awesome, aubrey is really stupid >.<

  21. chipityzu

    7:52 ‘its not rocket surgery!’ LMAO!! i fucken love kat!!?

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