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Corey feels the frustration as Laura comes into the shop for a tattoo of Thor’s Hammer…or maybe not. Will her indecision prevent her from a commitment?

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Fear of Commitment”

  1. persnikity12345

    Seriously, if you’re that unsure, then DON’T DO? IT! It’s okay to not get a tattoo 😛

  2. MrsLisaKaren

    i am thinking about my? tattoo for about 3 years now. where and what and I would never EVER put a name of my boyfriend or husband on there because people can hurt you and once this is on there, it IS on there.

  3. CreationsByAbbey

    Annnddd she is? going to regret that.

  4. Miranda Monroe

    i think its too small and not in a? good place but a good tattoo over all

  5. Billie10023

    what a? tool

  6. eyeblazer

    Laura: It’s not about him, it’s about me. It’s about me just going for this
    Corey: and who told you that?
    Laura: My? sister
    ROFL…seriously If Kat says don’t do it than just get some lingerie

  7. aldo silva

    that girl is so stupid

  8. tommyhennigar

    what a stupid bitch i bet they broke up? an her ass feels real dumb

  9. ieatnoobs911

    If? Kat says don’t to it.. DON’T FUCKING DO IT!

  10. she8u2st

    all the reasons NOT to get a? tattoo

  11. nobananas4u

    “just get? some lingerie” hahaha

  12. smokescreen91493

    I have a tattoo like this on my forearm but I got it cuz I wanted not? for some fucking girl

  13. NeonboiiZ

    It’s been two years since this tattoo? was done, i wonder if she’s still with Thor………….

  14. Imtehbestz

    I agree with Kat. She’s incredibly stupid.? ^^

  15. Ruby Dullaghan

    I know this tattoo added entertainment to the show, but it pisses me off how they do shitty little tattoos like this that have zero meaning when they can be doing so much more.?

  16. Thedevilswings

    This makes me angry. Shes not even a heathen and shes getting Thors? hammer on her back because of her BOYFRIEND. >.> Big mistake.

  17. SnotRockets55

    Is it me or does the tat looked faded too, right after Corey finished it?? Five bucks says that was intentional on his part because he figured she’d regret it and have it removed some day lmao – he just wanted to make the process easier for her.

  18. 123popbottles123

    thats such a stupid tatt…….. its? soo smalll and in the middle of her back just looks retarded..

  19. xcarriejx

    And he’s? still waiting for that invitation…

  20. reivenne

    You can see the tattoo on her back when she walks into the shop. Guess they must have re-shot? it 😛

  21. matthewdk2

    this girl is a? class A idiot

  22. MalisaTV

    Stupid? bitch
    Listen to Kat

  23. fairyglade

    LOL she’s not marrying him but she’ll? get a tat for him…smart.

  24. JaissieN

    why would you have such a small thing on such of a big back?

  25. aznxwarlock

    lmao? thats so fucking stupid, right when he saw that he was probably like fuck this im out

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