? Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation First Impressions & Application! ? Posted by admin on November 22nd, 2012 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “? Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation First Impressions & Application! ?”

  1. Bubbalicous713

    You don’t even need concealer….? Ur skin is beautiful. I have a ton of foundations and I have been putting off buying this but seeing your transformation has me sold. Im picking this up at my local Sephora tomorrow
    Welcome back and thanks

  2. Destinfabuleux

    Cool, I’ll pick it up when I’m in? the States. By the way, I don’t think you need concealer at all, you have such great skin.

  3. lovels2010

    Your skin looks amazing. I love your? vlogs. Welcome back.

  4. Badria L

    You were super cute on this video Sam :)) You are glowing and? looking fresher than ever…. Loved this first impression type of video, very helpful :)))

  5. 96chloeee


  6. stylist2020

    Sam, you should? work for foundations :))) you have a lot of knowledge 😉

  7. recoba mary

    Por fin decidí? registrarme hace mucho te sigo pero soy muy floja para suscribirme, me encanaran tus videos eres muy linda

  8. ellixat81

    missed you! huge hugs to you and your precious? family! btw your skin looks amazing with these products!! :)

  9. Dalima26

    Welcome back Sam!!Great to see you? in a new video…This foundation looks amazing on you! Have a great day…xx

  10. breezilyw

    Great review. You? look great


    Happy to see u back….love the review always on the hunt for new foundation. Have a happy thanksgiving :))?

  12. kongemastan

    i watch a lot of make up tutorials on youtube,? but YOU ARE THE BEST … so beautiful in and out , and skillful :)) hugss from Malaysia

  13. chocmon1

    welcome back the colour match? is amazeballs :)

  14. 82whiterussian

    Oh my forgot to say Congrats on? your Munchkin :) I went through my pregnancy with you when you had Phenix :)))))

  15. 82whiterussian

    Yeyyyyy love? you solo much :)) welcome back darling

  16. Mineh B

    OMG SAM I”M SO SORRY!!!? I accidentally pressed the dislike button :( I didn’t mean to, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH welcome back!

  17. Tammy Sposito

    Welcome back Sam! Nice to? see your family is doing great.

  18. Melli1809

    Thank you Sam :) Happy? Thanksgiving! Lots of Love from Germany

  19. DreamYourFearsAway

    I’m so happy for you and your skin sam!? <3 :)

  20. 0reoqu33n

    BEST? informative Foundation Review ON YOUTUBE! Thank you so very much Sam! I will definitely be buying this :) Happy Thanksgiving *hugs* from Germany!

  21. dianadanemania

    Welcome back? Sam & Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll definitely be trying the foundation 😉

  22. cacahuetesucree

    Welcome back Sam!!!You? look fabulous!

  23. SarahLucy94

    Beautiful tutorial! Wish I looked as pretty as? you :(

  24. Craig Sutherland

    Thanks so much Sam! It’s so awesome to see what foundation would do over nearly a whole day. Also loved this as I also have pigmentation and dry skin issues (due to my? baby :)) so it’s great to see what works for somebody wih similar skin of the same age!
    Love from NZ! xx

  25. PixyInPanic

    Soo glad? you’re back! Xx

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