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Welcome to Wonderland! We are Kat Von D’s Art Gallery and are located next door to High Voltage Tattoo Shop. Wonderland showcases fine art and carries unique and rare gifts, books and memorabilia. Come visit us at 1257 La Brea (just below Fountain Ave) West Hollywood, CA 90038. -Marya Gullo, Gallery Director

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25 Responses to “A Few Of Kat’s Favorite Things”

  1. Jane Ofalltrades

    I am getting the impression that you like to support other artists and? I think that is wonderful. Some very cool stuff in the gallery.

  2. anitta kil

    Américains décadents sont tellement drôles?

  3. amrssanchez2610

    She’s so down to earth, she goes “? the F” lol

  4. princessiyanna09

    Love all ur favs 3?

  5. Insanepaniccccccc

    Shes? so beautiful.

  6. steffidoingstuff

    I love this little books. I am making them? by myself.

  7. bvbloverrr

    Sorry i fan girled over the Kevin Llewellyn art? 3

  8. hannahvic97

    Birdcage leggings?

  9. windyVEVO

    what di she call the things at? 1:00 ? o.o

  10. Tamz1313

    love the gallery? looks amazing xx

  11. soontobeforgotten

    I want to visit? your store! I like how you mooshed mad max an fifth element together :) -3

  12. jCamilaJabs

    2:43 She’s a fan of? who? Couldn’t understand it :/

  13. stupidpiggy18

    Hey! Do you dislike all of the ads on Youtube? They want to know what you all think, go here to tell them bit.ly/RnR1CW?=ejfdsm
    They are giving away iPhone 4s to the very first 1,000 that answer the 5? easy questions!

  14. jennifer frantz

    Where and how do order? the birdcage leggings that were in this video?

  15. EmilyOSullivan66

    If only I? could afford etsy…

  16. gologanana

    A? lot of kitch stuff, buuut, I still love her! 😀

  17. Black0DogLZ

    Wonderland! <3?

  18. ScribbledSomething

    I saw Kat Von D wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants? and flip flops.

  19. JeanneTabourot

    Don’t judge someone unless you know what they’re thinking so shut the fuck? up

  20. MeeNo303

    i want ALL the stuff that in the store @@ !!!!!!?

  21. MusicMaryful

    I wish I? could visit the store ;_;

  22. EllezhcoR

    Kat looks like Candice Clot? of eths.

  23. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    Kat? has Bordello shoes MUST GET THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!

  24. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    Where? is this store located?

  25. BiancaW0rld

    Man? i just loved ALL THINGS of the store! Seriously!

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