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Deadmau5 and Kat Von D break up, cheating with Chelsea Kane!? bit.ly – Subscribe Now! Facebook.com – Like Us! Twitter.com – Follow Us! After months of what seemed to be pretty-serious dating, Kat Von D and DeadMau5 have confirmed their split! The news is kinda shocking, considering how in love they seemed—they’d constantly tweet back and forth, professing how much they adored one another, but now, we’re lead to believe that Mau5 might have had a wandering eye. He tweeted , “It happened too fast, I lost my balance and fell into a familiar dark place that I’m having difficulty with. She deserves someone stronger.” He also posted a message on Facebook, saying he’s not cut out for relationships right now. As for Kat, she seems to be taking it pretty hard. She let her fans know that they’re no longer together, and added, “Now, we can get all of the I told you so’s out of the way, and move on. Man I sure was wrong. But at least he made it a no-brainer to break that off.” Adding fuel to the fire, Perez Hilton has hinted that perhaps tv cutie Chelsea Kane could be to blame? On November 4, she tweeted DeadMau5 saying, Waking up to you fanning me with your ear almost made it all worth it. Thank you. :) DeadMau5 replied, saying, “glad I could lend an ear 😉 feel better!” Kat caught wind of their exchange, and seemed pretty ticked!!! She tweeted to Chelsea, “are you fucking serious? Fuck off with that.” YIKES! We reached out to Chelsea’s rep but haven’t heard back yet… Hit the

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D and Deadmau5 Split!”

  1. Drolkin

    Deadmau5? is too much a player, Kat didn’t see that, tough.

  2. Mila1723

    I love you? Deidre!! :)

  3. Azuria14


  4. Pr0d3gi

    she said perez said? chealsea was cheating with deadmau

  5. IsmileAnonymously

    @demonchild919 the best guys are? always the ugly ones :)

  6. IsmileAnonymously

    Deadmau5 is sick, Kat? isn’t right for a mouse especially a dead one. And Paris , is Paris..

  7. demonchild919

    She dates the most? ugliest guys :/

  8. bigyin66

    Tits? or no subscribe.

  9. Tony Curta

    joel would never look at someone like? chelsea kane NEVER

  10. Kyle Goldfinch

    Just remember that Perez Hilton is a lying source, which encourages fabrication and? fakery!!!

  11. xRaHaDxOfficial

    U forgot about Ellie goulding and skrillex splitiing? up aswell

  12. Marla C


  13. stufslaughter

    Wow… I thought that would? never happen haha

  14. masongal21

    I love your hair, Deidre.? :)

  15. Antoinette Jones

    why dont you? talk about skrillex break up

  16. lovecusinZ1234


  17. hellokittygirl186

    Yikes aleart! Well they kinda made a cute couple, but that totally stinks! I’m guessing there’s no romance in the air this month? first Jelena now this? Bummer! :(

  18. Pilar Mendes

    chelsea kane is such a? BITCH omfg i hate herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. Anthony Fay

    omg deidre you need to do curly hair more often so suits you 😉 nad i know its alot to ask but if you meet kristen? or rob or taylor at the premiere of breaking dawn part 2 will you tell them i love them all the way from ireland <3

  20. rachelovesgreen

    i dont see? chelsa with him at all.

  21. Daclassicx7

    Deidre awesome? outfit as always …sick ass.ring.girl

  22. Bloom579

    Wait,? they were dating…

  23. peacesign1016

    first? comment !!

  24. KwonAys

    Joel is public property! No? kat von d. haha.

  25. KwonAys

    Yes!? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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