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ONE Tattoo in ONE Hundred and Twenty Seconds! CHECK OUT KATS SOCIAL LINKS www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.katvond.tumblr.com Instagram TheKatVonD Music by: Danny Lohner

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25 Responses to “2 MINUTE TATTOOS w/ Kat Von D”

  1. angelicammejia1

    Ur wearing shoes! Hahaha?

  2. ThisFreakIsAlive

    i love vampira? she is stunning

  3. PandaTheWhovian

    Dem nips XD? lmao

  4. Habbosarna

    I wanna get tattooed by her? later in life. <3

  5. xScaryKrystalx

    one goal in life: To get tattooed by? Kat Von D <3

  6. msxlinda

    ok just kidding HAHA. I saw? on deadmau5’s instagram that hes following her again so theyre back together

  7. Migle Gancheva

    Kat you? are amazing! Love you !

  8. BobbyandKenzie

    But then she linked an Instagram pic a few days ago with the caption “Christmas came early” or similar? and it was her heels next to his shoes. Now it’s deleted so who knows :(

  9. angelsboutique67


  10. Ellysa Gloom

    Love? it!!!!

  11. yvonne rico

    niceeee? :)

  12. bobbyz1973


  13. msxlinda

    not too long ago! if you go look at kat’s? twitter you’ll see what day she posted her tweet that they werent together anymore


    “I love my? fuckin job” xD loved that part :))

  15. phantomfromhell5

    Looks? awesome!

  16. EsMeRaLdAvAzQuEz1

    What? they did?! when?

  17. msxlinda

    still cant believe you and deadmau5 brokeup? :(

  18. RetroDanceFreak96

    you are? such an amazing artist

  19. d1n0rah

    Me? gusta muchisisisisisisismo tu programa esta padrisisimo y tatúas súper lindo

  20. GSTACK310

    1:21 Thought she only tatoos? barefoot?? O.o

  21. Lissette Orozco

    I love you kat. I wonder? if you ever got my painting I made for you

  22. norah miles

    Wow! Awesome!!!!!!!!?

  23. sachiecakes

    i think thats? the first time ive ever seen kat tattoo with shoes on lol

  24. Mike Hermon

    Some day Kat will do the? memorial tattoo I want for my little brother

  25. kayystarrr

    Kat looks amazing! So gorgeous & I? love her makeup!

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