Deadmau5 & Kat Von D Break-Up Tweets Posted by admin on November 16th, 2012 | Comments (18) |

DJ Deadmau5 and tattoo artist/reality star Kat Von D posted their own accounts of the break-up on Twitter. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: For more from Fuse, follow us here too Web: Twitter Facebook:

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18 Responses to “Deadmau5 & Kat Von D Break-Up Tweets”

  1. Andrei XimiK

    =)) good one?

  2. IsmileAnonymously

    Geez… A Kat and a mau5, who ever? thought that wouldn’t work..

  3. Anthony Flores

    Do you? know Kat?

  4. fallendemonangel1366

    Yay I’m glad they broken up. Deadmau5? is way to sexy for her ugly ass bitch.

  5. flanzjones

    Fire the dork

  6. Dragon HB

    shes dating? skrillex now

  7. Robert63512

    It’s all about publicity,? Kat always dates D-List celebrities and peoples till don’t take any notice

  8. RadiiTV

    She has a raspy sexy? voice. Not a man voice.

  9. Dorko93

    He’s got a? Mau5 dick

  10. sayElectronica

    Why would anyone date Kat Von D she has a man voice.? (+)

  11. OllieGio

    Ohhh he did not just? call deadmau5 a DJ…

  12. TheminiClowPipO

    that was fast?

  13. vriggio1

    i actually liked them together? dam

  14. TheZizzyAffliction

    No? offence, but Kat needs to chill the fuck out and stop dating so many guys so damn fast. I’m sure Joel will find someone decent

  15. Daniele Debattista

    The female presenter :)?

  16. Daniele Debattista

    Is the presenter single?? Sorry for being so forward.

  17. 51Homie

    I seen this before on fb?

  18. Chayce Hann

    Damn ?

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