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24 Responses to “”

  1. SouljaDesigns11

    wow? cray cray

  2. Hopedanforthoo


  3. Alex Maggs

    There shouldn’t be a? comma after courage.

  4. LAZARzoo

    corey? is a beast!!!

  5. persnikity12345

    People who want their? kids to grow up to be bartenders.

  6. StepsCloser

    george? costanza

  7. Boomgoestheboy

    Well they were supposedly? really good friends before the show and stuff before Kat moved to Miami.

  8. Emmachu

    pixie’s the cutest ^.^ ?

  9. jamesbuckton123

    How dare you question what parents name their child ! imagine if someone laughed / questioned your name , how would you? feel !

    A parents decision is the best decision anyone can make ! If they name the child Seven then its perfectly fine ! I think its a disgrace that you question a parents decision to call the child Seven !

  10. HeyyMonthJunee

    Pixie is so cute whe shes? sad.LOL.:p

  11. motley666cobain

    hope hes not right handed :s

  12. rhiannonblues

    Who the hell gets a coworkers face tattooed?? I get that they are friends for now but WTF.

  13. lisakawaii

    corey? is funny!awesome dude

  14. jaime cortes

    I love this show? i wanna get my first tattoo already, and also being a tattoo artist.

  15. BentBuddha

    I think in fairness, if she carried and pushed 3 of his kids, he can go through? a little pain eh? plus he can always store sperm

  16. bvbbridesmaid99

    Awh, Pixie was so worried!! :’)?

  17. Fore Siu Chan

    exactly? ….what a bitch

  18. Fore Siu Chan

    i love Kim and? her personality

  19. Sylvan Lange

    Most. Annoying. Cryer. Ever.?

  20. SomeLlamaSpit

    because they? can fail. If he loves her. And is going to with her for the rest of his days why not?

  21. pacovl46

    Doc: “How many children do you have?”
    Corey: “I have? three.”
    Doc: “And you don’t want anymore?”
    Corey: “No. I, I, you know. No, I don’t!”
    The way he said that last? line is so awesome!!!

  22. pacovl46

    vasectomy??? WTF? is wrong with condoms or her taking the pill???

  23. shyria kendricks

    tell her to get the maraina it works lol


  24. AreYouOthman

    28:00 Kim was tatooing? that rock singer guy from a few episodes earlier !!

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