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24 Responses to “La Ink s05e06 part5”

  1. LAZARzoo

    if you have time to paint your friends you can? paint the windows!!! man I’m in love with craig lol

  2. MoreThanJustSkinDeep

    we don’t do make up…? we don’t do gardening

  3. melpasculli

    I don’t know why Aubry has such a? problem with everything. I had a similar job to her in a tattoo shop, yes I was a receptionist, but also I did clean up, including the windows. Liz seems to be having some issues in this respect too.. dear oh dear!

  4. InFiiLtRaTor

    who the? fuck gets a tattoo of a potato?

  5. Brocoli Muncha

    HA!!, That was about 20 conversations poorly edited into on sentance!? LAME.
    It sounded like on oldschool rubbish car navigator!

  6. CCowie123

    same with? coreys from 8:00 onwards

  7. Dark7Knights1

    Who the F*ck opens a make up? shop inside a tattoo shop, It’s like opening a tattoo shop inside a make up shop. (hope that makes sense)

  8. TheRachel3131

    Aubrey should start? her own makeup shop and not be in a tattoo parlor anymore!!

  9. TheKieshaKiesha

    ya these guys suck ass at doing tattoos? omg

  10. raindownonme21

    “I think it’s expressive of who I? am…”
    So what are you, constantly baked? A couch potato too? that’s the dumbest tattoo I’ve ever heard of, a baked potato… I love spaghetti. Spaghetti is very multi-dimentional, can be adaptive with whatever kinds of sauce you put on there, and can be colourful. I feel this represents me, so I’m totally gonna get that tattooed on my wrist! God…

  11. Vexlulz

    Oh my? god the jump cuts destroy me

  12. scholte

    We go’ a bi’? of Dir’ on our windehs 😀

  13. satinemariana

    Adrienne is so annying with that open mouth of? hers..jeez…

  14. cammyg696969

    the? potato guy was high

  15. Endri See

    American Electric looks like? a more authentic shop. Kats shop has too much drama

  16. zaqua3

    If aubrey wants to do make up she should by a? spot in a mall and do it there

  17. 909sophielou

    Hurry up and sack Liz already ,she thinks? she owns the shop

  18. veroyluis1

    When did they remove the skateboarding? ramp?

  19. evilmickey

    A potato…?

  20. kateevans1987

    ? sweet baby tom selic this editing is shocking

  21. NerdGogo

    Omg that potato tattoo was dreadful! It looked like a strange rock with green shit? over it. D:

  22. florah3

    and almost everyones voice… kinda ruins the show?

  23. florah3

    the potato guy was? awesome XD

  24. moonfacemoonfacemoo

    This is the most passive-aggressive group? of people I have ever seen,

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