Niagara Ink – Episode 3 – “We will Tattoo Anything on Anyone!!” (LA Ink Spoof) Posted by admin on November 13th, 2012 | Comments (12) |

iagara Ink – Episode 3 – “We will tattoo Anything on Anyone… well.. almost anything !” This episode includes Daryl Gray from the rock group Helix! Funny Youtube Reality based series. Takes place at Niagara Ink in Niagara Falls, Canada.. Pokes fun at the Tattoo TV shows leading people to believe that tattoos are fun, cheap, & easy to get.

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12 Responses to “Niagara Ink – Episode 3 – “We will Tattoo Anything on Anyone!!” (LA Ink Spoof)”

  1. tattooedbyderek

    Hahahaha…. nice!!! Ima have to share? this…. Hope you guys keep making these..

  2. santanaincubus


  3. 42oGirl

    LMFAO!! This is the? best episode yet

  4. deanmeehan

    I had to make this video private for a week or so, because the one actor get into some trouble at work because he used the word “Dick” (I did not know that was a swear word??… it isn’t!!!)… we have blocked out his face as well. The video will be public? again shortly,, but feel free to share the link still!

  5. 73patgagne


  6. deanmeehan

    Of course you can be? in one!

  7. Hetriani

    These just get better and better!!! Hey…think I can be in one?…lol that would be so sweet!!! Keep? em coming!!!

  8. deanmeehan

    Me too!! he’s? a natural…. Episode 4 is already in the works!

  9. MrPageyzoso

    Awesome!!! I nominate Hank for best-reality-youtube-video award!?

  10. thebachelorbob

    It’s all good? dude… Again great episode and look forward to more plus being in more! lol

  11. deanmeehan

    haha… fuck.. I forgot you wanted Total Skull Rob!!!!? it was 2am when I did the credits up!! shit man!!!! You’ll be listed in all the rest!! lol

  12. thebachelorbob

    Awesome and it’s funny shit… I really enjoy that I’m a random douche bag? and yeah I’m the last douchebag that gets thrown out…lol…
    Here’s my credit… Douchebag that gets thrown out at the end played by “Total Skull Rob” as I want to be a known douchebag lol..
    Good shit my friends and look forward to the next one!

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