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23 Responses to “LA Ink S04E13 part1”

  1. yorabz marasigan

    fuck you corey..if i saw you on the? street im gonna make sure to fuck your asshole bwahahhah

  2. fieldsofheather69

    I feel like they arent showing all of it, Corey is really a nice person, i feel like aubry has just done some stupid shit?

  3. harhainen

    damn what a? bully team!

  4. 808kezia

    why all? the corey hate, hes been in the tattoo world for years, and im sure there is much more shit other than whats is shown on the tv shows

  5. Peppaberry

    I don like Corey. Doesn’t mean? you are a “good” tattoo artist, you can treat aubry in a mean manner. At least kat give aubry chances

  6. zaqua3

    oh no Aubry hell to pay what your not going to do your job right oh wait? you already dont or maybe you will quite yeah that would just make every one happy lol

  7. piggyanddoggy

    I hate Aubry.?

  8. JasamTragicLove

    Should keep the mural the? same and just go and find Hannah and Kim and BEG them to come back. Had enough of all the fake drama- need to get back to the art!!!

  9. deesan82

    Corey, “that” has a name and is a human being… and yes Corey, your head? is “so” big.

  10. deesan82

    Corey, “that” has? a name and is a human being…

  11. loveablemeggy

    and its definably? not on the mural haha

  12. loveablemeggy


  13. 808kai808

    no disrespect for corey, but when he said “..she shouldnt put someone on the wall thats not gonna be here for a long? time, like Aubrey.” and yet…he leaves O>O just sayin

  14. sugarychocobot

    I /love/ Dan’s tattoos? ;]

  15. wuggacrt

    No like you? Corey

  16. Haque92

    Damn? 😀

  17. emeraldpixie

    True! But he continued to? be an asshole after she left!

  18. RattleheadAnthony

    I? would too if I were around Aubrey. =]

  19. minnonikki

    “Dumbass of? a dog.”

  20. Ryan Atkinson

    aubrey needs? about 6 or 7 slaps

  21. catvamp13mishka

    he has his own tattoo? shop? but he works here……. blurr

  22. shoutatthedevil89

    aubry? needs to know her place dude

  23. emeraldpixie

    When? did Corey turn into such an asshole?

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