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24 Responses to “La Ink s05e03 part5”

  1. defyned

    Liz wouldn’t? last for an instant in any business USA. She needs to go work for the government!

  2. crickettylovesRollo

    Is it bad that when Aubrey was saying? that is was going to “prove” herself, I thought she said that she was going to “poop” herself. lol :)

  3. karla mondragon

    she is not as smart as she think she is , since ? she is pushing herself that tacky tricky way…

  4. Ben Throssell

    id pin her down and tattoo high voltage on? here forehead.

  5. Madison Kube


  6. vcvfbcfgh

    let me know when she gets fired?

  7. lloydymk

    i still see? liz’s face in episode 10 on the related videos and a part of my soul has died.

  8. Miavine

    time cards and uniforms?! OMG I wouldn’t get tattooed in a post office :P?

  9. raindownonme21

    goddamnit how? many times does Liz have to be told there are other shop managers? Is it that hard to grasp the difference between A shop manager and THE shop manager? Jesus bitch needs to get smacked in the head and sent on her merry way…. Aubry was better than her.

  10. scholte

    so much….DRAMA? after pixie

  11. TheEvilDuck93

    Pardon my language, but fuck off and get a life Liz! Fun-sucking whore. (God? she just pissed me off too much).

  12. PlatypusGuitar

    uniforms? you just sucked all the fun out of the place you? whore

  13. ThatGirl0800

    who cares if the show is fake or skripted! I love this show no matter what. I dont care who is an actor and who is not. I love the tattoos, I love the people, and I love the drama (they may have a bit? to much drama) Like im not gonna sit here and pick out whats wrong with the show. I love LA Ink <3

  14. ReeFromHawaii

    Liz is an actress. She’s been in TONS of movies/shows; Days of Our Lives, Secret Life of an American? Teenager, Almost Famous, What Women Want, ETC ETC. This show is fake. Not that we didn’t already know that.

  15. KillerBuzzTattoo

    Liz is still? hot…….weird…..but hot.

  16. wolf1866

    AUBREY you have to photocopy the back of? all of the release forms.

    uhhhh, you will show me how to do that later….

    what a dumb bitch lmfaoo

  17. flashpointlover1

    Poor? Ludwig..

  18. Lolagal123

    Ahaha.. Aubry is actually kinda funny.
    In a stupid kind? of way.

  19. girl123interrupted

    I love Kats response to Liz saying “lets have a staff meeting… NOW” and Kat was like “uh? ok wow” hahaha

  20. girl123interrupted

    Corey would? be the coolest boyfriend… even though he’s old enough to be my dad, I’d go out with a younger version of him hahaha

  21. xhotgyalx1

    liz? thinks she runs the place

  22. ukgirlonce

    the girl playing liz is a good? actress…funny..and soooooooooooo annoying

  23. Zombie666Chick

    Liz, if the staff wanted to wear uniforms, they’d be working? at Burger King BIATCH!

  24. Holliluvzyew

    How? dare you sit in kat’s big chair, like a fuckin queen ;|

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