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14 Responses to “LA Ink s05e11 part2”

  1. defyned

    Why does Kat wear a wig? What happened? to her hair?

  2. Simsrockslol

    Omfg i came here for good tattoos not fucking high? school drama

  3. Julio Romero

    Pauly’s tatt did clown?


    I liked paulie’s tattoo a lot better than Craig’s to? be honest!

  5. Maddi W

    glad someone else noticed how chopped together the audio is,who knows what actually happened and was said in reality.

  6. JEM4JS

    Kats known for ages that Corey needed a little time away. but she didnt give a fuck noooo. as long as her? life isnt effected shes happy to hell with corey’s business.

  7. karategirl101

    honestly corey’s the one who is giving shit? to Kat I feel bad for her.

  8. XXxsineadosxXX

    hearing? ireland when your irish is like wooo :)

  9. girl123interrupted

    I totally agree. In like all the episodes there’s only like three different outfits per person and in one scene Kat will be wearing a bikini top with a cut up t shirt and in the next clip, thirty seconds later she’ll be wearing a starry blouse? ha ha its crap!

  10. annet5291

    Cool, Kat wears the same outfit when she fires LIz as when she was so excited about Liz her part plans 5 episodes earlier. haha 😀 ?

  11. Travizza

    don’t you think that Kat becomes a little bitch??? She can’t understand the problems her friend is dealing with and can’t take 5 min to talk with him! though she’s distracting herself to that f*cking Liz the whole time!!!
    A guy was working for her for 2 years without days off? while she had an opportunity to do whatever she likes. Are couple of days-off too much to ask??

  12. emeraldpixie

    Why does Corey have? to be such an asshole?! Used to really like him but the last season has shown him to be the selfish bully he is!

  13. Xxlovekills4xX

    i know right? then in some episode they wear like the same exact outfit they had in like two shows before that like wtf? man

  14. zsatocsa

    dammit, I love this show, but the way they’ve been cutting it together lately is just terrible. In one? episode, no!, in one single conversation, they have more than four outfits. Images go separate from the audio. I wonder what is cool about this… It’s like a palimpsest. But a bad one..

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