Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Routine & Review Posted by admin on November 8th, 2012 | Comments (19) |

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19 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Routine & Review”

  1. LilxPo

    during summer when i’m really tan, im NC25 in MAC… but i get light really fast so i’m guessing NW20? sorry, i hardly shop for MAC? foundations.

  2. Jbsa1998

    You look quite tan on screen.. a little tanner than I am but I was matched to medium 54 which says it? has yellow undertones but it looks pink on my asian skin :( Just for reference, what are you in Mac? NC 30? 35?

  3. ceclulu64

    you forgot the middle of ur forehead between your eyebrows! ahhh?

  4. missorangeappled

    Sethakins7 does a amazing review and is a great artist and reviewer of all! he is? amazing!

  5. missorangeappled

    agreed. I had to stop at two minutes cause you kept talking about? samples and what not..just get to it. Sethakins7 has a amazing review.

  6. Lewbabyboo

    You talk way? to much

  7. viiiviiiannn789

    U talk to much just get to the point!! No? offense

  8. LilxPo

    it does not say its water-resistant but when? i sweat, none of the make up comes off.

  9. OmgwtfwtfOmg

    Is it water-resistant? at all? Like for the pool or gym?

  10. LilxPo

    i did try it under normal sunlight making sure? my jawline matches the foundation. i didn’t seem to see any pink undertones, especially when it’s usually obvious for my face but i didn’t see any. i don’t use full coverage everyday because i don’t need it, but for ppl with a lot of acne or insecurities might want to use it everyday, but even at that.. i still think it’s best to give ur face a little rest once in a while cause i dont use foundation everyday myself.

  11. ladyvdv

    I was just wondering because I was actually matched to be the same color in this foundation! I am light #48. I also have a yellowish beige undertone.? But I have more dry to normal skin, and the only place I get oily is my nose. It looked beautiful on at night was dewy but at the same time matte. Hard to explain. But I don’t know if its me but when I tried it on during the day, did you notice that this color had a pink undertone to it? And what do you think of this for everyday? Thank you!

  12. LilxPo

    also, i have very oily skin! :(?

  13. LilxPo

    not a? problem! i have yellowish beige undertones BUT i have a lot of redness on my face from acne and blemishes.. the shade i used is light 48 which is for medium complexions with beige undertones which makes sense that im “light 48″ although im most likely a light-medium in other brands. hope this helps!

  14. ladyvdv

    Thanks so much for posting a review on this foundation! Im was really interested in buying but like you said there wernt too many? review! Now I just have one question: What is your skin tone like? Do you have a pink undertone? Or a beige /yellow?

  15. LilxPo

    sigma’s round kabuki?

  16. dafneruiz04

    what brush are? you using to apply the foundation?

  17. christmas9lights

    not sure why but your face is really red and it the foundation look like it cover some spot and it not even not sure why? the texture does not look liquidy xd but i overall like it on you XD

  18. LilxPo

    thank u? so much 😀

  19. Happymess10

    I think the foundation looks really? good on you!

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