Deadmau5 and Kat Von D Halloween Intro XS Las Vegas 2012 Posted by admin on November 7th, 2012 | Comments (18) |


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18 Responses to “Deadmau5 and Kat Von D Halloween Intro XS Las Vegas 2012”

  1. AurumOfficial

    deadmau5 is constantly changing, its one of the reasons I love him! 😀 nothing is the same, always new and always experimental…

    By the way,? BEST MAU5HEAD YET (beside L.E.D)

  2. AurumOfficial

    in a? good way!

    Giving him a more diverse edge on his music 😀

  3. ColMael

    She isn’t really changing him. He said? he likes rock among other things, mau5 isn’t just constant electro-house music nor does he really consider himself to be.

  4. lancethepants69

    I was thinking about that, you think? in a good way or a bad way? :/

  5. Conor Ryan

    Anyone know name of the track that’s played at the? end of video?

  6. Unsung0101

    Well that’s? one way they can spend more time with each other.

  7. xPabloJoey1

    wait..what??? you, sir, dont know anything about him

  8. thenamesTWITCH

    they have been.? :3

  9. Revenant XD


  10. Revenant XD

    You’re the worst troll ever…?

  11. Benjamin Legendre Sale-Sale

    Sooooo, are? they dating ? 😀

  12. paranoiadev

    have a wank you? cunt.

  13. Patrick Logan

    katvond? is changing him

  14. nappahdog

    worst deadmou5 show ive ever seen…
    unacceptable conditions ,unsafe ,fire? hazard, horrible performance.

  15. kittyfleas


  16. The4wheelfreak

    Haha I see? rukes! Thanks for uploading man!

  17. CosplayPros

    it is :D?

  18. tomaschicles

    epic mau5head?

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