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a review for Kat Von D Lock it Long wear foundation

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17 Responses to “Kat Von D “Lock it Long Wear Foundation””

  1. PatiencewithMakeup

    YAY for COLOR!!!! lol! Oh ya you cant see them because I have other peoples music in them! I know I know i shouldnt but im still figuring out all the ways to get around that stuff but I promise I wont make video with other peeps music anymore;o( if there are any specific colors you ever wanted to wear but didnt know how let me know and ill make a toot about? it…thank you again for watching!

  2. PatiencewithMakeup

    wow! thank you so much for watching! I? did a demo of it in the “Romance by Candlelight” tutorial, let me know if it isn’t extensive enough and I will make a tut just for application.

  3. sandra666

    thank you so much.? I love your videos cause I am one of those who never really used bright eyeshadows. I am learning a lot from about colors. Thank you. Also two of your videos are not available to play on the iphone. I usually watch your videos on the go, or when I am at the makeup counter to see the colors. I was just wondering if there was a reason for it be unable to play on iphone. If you have the Poetica palette from KVD a turotal please. Thank you so much

  4. PatiencewithMakeup

    wow! thank you so much! it’s the kat von d? foundation! The “romance by candlelight” tutorial shows how I applied the complexion for this review. I am wearing a Loreal Infallible lip liner in “pink” and a Buxom lip gloss in “white russian” Thank? you so much for watching!

  5. PatiencewithMakeup

    hi sandra!! thank you! and thank you for watching! Well I cant say for sure but having looked at NC 15 from Mac I would say the? most similar color for Kat Von D would be either L48 or M52 more towards the M52…if you can go to your nearest Sephora and ask for samples of both and even the M54 just so you can? mix and match if you have to. Hope that helps!;o)

  6. Amber S

    I really like your videos. It has given me a lot of info about products other you tubers don’t use. ? I would love to see a foundation tutorial using this product foundation to see the application techniques you talk about in the review. Thanks for a fresh new perspective on makeup for oily skin.

  7. PatiencewithMakeup

    holy moly!! what an incredibly awesome comment!! Thank you so much for your kind and positive words I really? truly appreciate you and it is genuinely my pleasure to make videos for viewers like you….it’s very rewarding to know my love of makeup artistry is coming through to the people I make these videos for….again thank you so much and Im glad to have you;o)

  8. shirleytempleify

    Great review! I love your? knowledge, passion, & enthusiasm for makeup! So refreshing to see authentic ppl like you. You are very beautiful & you have an awesome personality. I look forwrd to more of your videos! :)

  9. PatiencewithMakeup

    my? pleasure! thank you for watching!

  10. glamcandy2

    Awesome review thanks?

  11. PatiencewithMakeup

    thank you! and sure id love to!? I guess i should clean my beauty station up then! lol

  12. PatiencewithMakeup

    lol! it is the most matte finish of any matte finish foundation that I have seen! but its still awesome bc the formulation allows you to? change the finish….like in this video i added illuminator so I’m not to matte;o)

  13. oneflyblond1

    Nm just heard you say it’s a? matte lol

  14. oneflyblond1

    Does this dry? to a matte finish?

  15. chungdoradora

    Likes your videos! Can you do a make up collection video plz? Thank you!?

  16. sandra666

    Great vid. Thank you. If you wear Urban Decay illusion or Mac? NC 15. What color would I need. Any help appreciated.

  17. lmeiser1

    Your skin looks perfect! What? are you wearing on your lips? It is such a pretty color! Thanks. :)

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