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25 Responses to “LA ink s1e03 Full”

  1. BraiRai

    I’m? so jealous of Corry, but at the same time feel so bad for him :s

  2. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    turtles are? cute.

  3. Agenthoover

    Does? everyone in America only get tattoos coz they have had cancer or a crash ffs… Miami ink was the same ffs…

  4. BlackLondonBridge

    Metal Skool! AKA Steel Panther!? FUCKYEAAAH!

  5. painkiller666night

    Hannah is sooooo damn beautiful!!! O_O?

  6. anonymzs

    love this show? but the needle sound does not agree with my hangover :(

  7. Keegan Milton

    Kat Von D? & Corey yaul are the God Of tattooing… Hope i just Start tattooing like Yaul 2sum Day…

  8. PlaguedBrain

    This show makes me want to finish my tatts…. 7 more to go!…. till i can die happy anyway :P?

  9. casioXtaptap

    Kim? looks so much like Jennifer Aniston

  10. Adam Eve

    11:22 That’s nice to know.?

  11. SwedishPagand

    I? like turtles.

  12. Bipolare1981

    KIM… She’s so cute!!!?

  13. pipecfh

    Pixie is so fucking? hot! and Hannah too… I love her

  14. zizzz001

    teehee frosting? whore

  15. Destiny Torres

    She do? pretty

  16. MrFred2023

    Corey is fucking Leonardo Davinci with a? tattoo machine

  17. AURORAZ99

    corey seems like a super cool? guy! i would totally get a tat from him!

  18. AURORAZ99

    girls with tattoos are SOO? hott!!

  19. PonyPoos

    Agree. But? he is quite cute!

  20. vincent joel

    this accident storys? are boring to know

  21. DrCuddlesPhd

    i likle them all but? i dont like london ink

  22. WhiteJustice88

    Justin seems like? a right bellend.

  23. hktit0

    Yea? I agree.

  24. Ryan Hsu

    Ny Ink > La Ink?

  25. MissAmyAnne1998

    I? see haha :)

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