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23 Responses to “LA .ink.s1e02 Full”

  1. LaPersonaNonGrata

    Pixie is? pretty fucking cute I must say !

  2. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    lmao omg i cracked? up whenever steve-o spoke. XD

  3. MrKebabism

    that? chest piece was sooo goood

  4. Calinn86

    don’t know if you noticed but just before that she? referred to jesus as virgin mary’s “lover”.. all i can say is WOW!

  5. Earl Wade Redneckeson

    is steve o high???

  6. NoodlesVERSESpoptart

    i aint gon seperate? chu, omfg i died

  7. jamesbuckton123

    ‘Your Watching’ ?? what the fuck !? the fucking TV station is illiterate !?


    Kat smocking? o.o yeah…me to….?

  9. ScoobysDisciple

    dam kat is hot?

  10. CloudChronicles

    Kim? looks just like Jennifer Aniston!

  11. CloudChronicles

    I was hoping that Pontius was going to be? dressed up like the rest of the clowns in lingerie. :/ I guess i just watch too much Jackass.

  12. megamazing1

    37:22 ‘Your watching? LA Ink’ :/ *You’re

  13. Ridiculouslyfamous

    36:47 that? awkward moment you too x)

  14. Fore Siu Chan

    the pirate skull looks so? cool even i’m not into skull

  15. Solja2010

    a small tat on a chick is fine, but all over the body on a chick turns? me off!

  16. pacovl46

    It was? tons of? whippets and coke mostly and sleep deprivation because he used to binge for days on end. There’s a documentary on him on youtube where you can see him in all his “glory”! 😉

  17. MissKrystyMartens

    Hes? not lazy hes highhhh! Duh girl

  18. MrFreddyFreaky

    steve is so? fucking hiiiigh

  19. wilsagastizado


  20. BieberSucksCock100

    Steve? o was still on drugs then /:

  21. DrCuddlesPhd

    dude these are fuckin great?

  22. 232metalcore

    really not liking anthony…. bit a of a? wanker

  23. evange03

    I bet he’s on hella? OC’s

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