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25 Responses to “LA ink.s1e01. Full”

  1. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    pixie <3?

  2. Matt Barros

    I want kat? von d

  3. ZatirHunter

    Eeeeww I agree, it’s like she has some kind of a washing machine? thing

  4. Deadly8Bit

    I wanna be a? tattooist. :3


    I fu**ing Ami James :|? Portraits not is Kat’s style…Jesus…

  6. akira55655

    and the clouds? in the background of seths tattoo look like the ying and the yang! awesome!

  7. David Ting

    he said : buat? badan kotor je (just make your body dirty)

    i say : tak ada orang paksa kamu (nobody force you)

  8. bario46cityhights

    alrite thanks it just seemed like it? since she got her own show

  9. cookies162

    Not really, and she wasn’t really in a lot of it, but she was the best, in? my opinion

  10. IceColdShots

    buat badan kotor je?

  11. RollingMinnYMole

    u can always wash? it….

  12. sleepingwithskelling

    Kat Von D :3?

  13. Crack3rJack5


  14. DrMadolite

    Ami must be really mindfucked right now, knowing how much more successful than him? that she is. :)

  15. supertrev56

    i just did ;)?

  16. discodrone78

    you? fucking feeble cunt.

  17. cootjemaffia

    i like kat von d? she rocks big time

  18. 45johntamayo

    kats? boobs

  19. bario46cityhights

    did miami ink revolve around kat? just cuirous??

  20. HeyfaValico

    All I have to say is assuming makes an ass out of you. So? whatever dude. Plus I’m not a teenager you ignoramus dolt.

  21. savannah rose

    tell me more about how your internationally known for? you job, oh wait…

  22. LackadaisicalE

    Im sure you have many doubts, and you probably should, but what does that matter to anyone? but yourself? Why must I suffer just because youre a stupid teen twat? Jog on dumbo

  23. HeyfaValico

    and you know them personally to truly make such a rude judgment?? I highly doubt that.

  24. STELIOS435ify

    cause most of them they have tattoing…? again..

  25. nonat58

    theres something called a? washing machine you know =)

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